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Rivhervoir Academy chapter 1

Rivhervoir Academy chapter 1

By marinifernandez

Chapter 1
“Go away! Leave me alone!” I cried
“Please, just leave her alone! Kassey where’s Robert?” Jessie asked
“Over there! Hurry get in the car” I shouted
“Please, stop taking pictures. She needs to pass” Jessie told them timidly
“Just let me pass please” I shot back
“Let the girl pass!” shouted a man who saved our lives. He then directed us to the car.
“Thank you so much!” I replied
“That was close, next time we’re taking the car” I told Jessie when we were inside the car
“Yeah, never do that again. At least those paparazzi won’t bother you in Michigan” Jessie told me
“Hopefully” was my reply
The next day my best friends and I were walking at the sidewalk of the mall. It’s a good thing there are many celebrities here so they wouldn’t pay much attention at me. We kept saying good-bye because I’m supposed to leave for Michigan tomorrow.
“Don’t forget to call me like every day, ok Kass?” said Jessie
“I am so going to miss you Jess. Don’t worry I’ll call many times.” I replied
“I’m still your best friend right?” said Jessie
“Forever we shall stay best friends.” I replied hugging her
“Hey what about us?” Logan and Annie asked at the same time
“And you guys too” I replied
we did another Group Hug. That’s the 9th Group hug today.
“Remember the store with the shoes that had speakers and an iPod? That was hilarious” Jessie chuckled
“Where are Heather and Mitchell?” I asked
“I don’t know. Heather told us yesterday that were supposed to be at her house today at 3pm.” replied Logan
“But it’s 3:30pm.” I told them
“We better go now! Heather is so going to kill me.” replied Logan
“Right I’ll go call Robert to pick us up.” I told Logan
“No time for that Kass I already found him. There’s the car. Let’s go now!” Annie cried
“Robert can you drive us to Heather’s place? And we need to get there now!” I told Robert
“Get on, and buckle up. We’re going to Heather’s” Robert said
After about 5 minutes we were at Heather’s house. Jessie insisted we go to the pool out back and so we did. When we reached the backyard, Heather came straight at us with her angry look and said “You’re late. I specifically said 3pm and what time is it now? 3:38pm.”
“We almost forgot we’re sorry Heather” Logan told
“Hey, guys the party already started. Where have you been?” Mitchell asked
“We were at the mall, shopping and having fun” Annie replied
“Great party what’s all this for?” I asked
“I wanted to give you a surprise party. So Jessie insisted in bringing you to the mall while Mitchell and I stay here and decorate” Heather replied in her strong English accent
“Guys, you didn’t have to. I’ll just be leaving for a year it won’t be that long” I told them
“Of course it will be that long! And I also wanted to surprise you guys Kelly and Michael” Heather replied
“We wanted you guys to remember us even though it’s just going to be a year” Jessie answered
“And Michael…” replied Heather facing Michael “… I’m going to miss you. Call me everyday ok cutie?” Heather asked
“Of course I will Heather. And I swear you will be my one and only” my 17 year old older brother, Michael teased
“You guys are still dating?” I asked
“We never broke up” replied Heather
“Well that’s great, you guys look good together” I chuckled
“Kelly, you are getting cuter every minute” said Heather facing Kelly, my 10 year old younger sister
“Heather, you are so tall” replied Kelly
“I’m gonna miss you guys too! I will always remember you guys.” I cried with tears on my eyes
“Group hug!” shouted a guy. I think he was my co-star in one of the movies I did called ‘Stuck in summer forever’
And so there we all were maybe more than 50 of us in a group hug. “It’s so tight and so hot but I didn’t dare to complain. I’m going to miss everybody here!” I thought
And until midnight we had a lot of fun. Lots of hugs, kisses, punch, laughs, good-byes and all the way I was remembering all the memories we all had together. We didn’t expose much to the paparazzi that’s why none of them are here and asking questions. This year is going to be a paparazzi free year and I am going to be a normal teenager. Mom said I’m going to the Rivhervoir Academy in Michigan, so will Kelly and Michael, my siblings. I’ll be sophomore and will act like a normal teenager. But still I’m really going to miss everybody! They’ve been there all my life and even just for a whole year I’m going to miss them. There were lots of tears going on and more of the hugs!
It is finally time to leave California. All my clothes packed, well most of it. Alright fine some of them arrived there 3 days ago, so I’ve got some of them and packed them up. My parents already left last week, they thought it was best if we
“Bye Kass I’m going to miss you so much, call everyday!” Jessie told me then gave a hug
And we all did a big and a long group hug. Then Michael, Kelly and me went inside the car and we were on our way to Michigan.
“Kelly and Michael I’m going to miss you too! Come back soon!” shouted Annie, Logan, Jessie, Mitchell, and Heather
“I’m going to miss you guys too!” shouted Kelly then she waved.
“ We’ll miss you guys too!” we all shouted together
“I am also going to miss LA.” I thought “Look at the bright side Kass, at least the paparazzi won’t bother you again. Hopefully.” I told myself

End of Chapter 1. See other Chapters as well. You may email me at: [email protected] I love to receive feedbacks.

Author: Marini Fernandez

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14 Feb, 2011
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