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Rivhervoir Academy chapter 2

Rivhervoir Academy chapter 2

By marinifernandez

Chapter 2
It’s 7pm right now and the first thing I did when we arrived was go to my room and pass out. I slept for about more than 10 hours because when I woke up it was almost 6am. And I was supposed to go to school at Rivhervoir Academy.
The one thing I hate is being late at the things I’m supposed to do. School starts at 8am. I got out of bed and went to breakfast.
“Good morning Ms. Matthews. What will we have today for breakfast?” Andrew our chef asked
“Good morning Andrew. I’ll eat anything for now.” I replied
Oh and by the way I didn’t introduce you to my parents and some people so now I will. My mom Kimberly is a lawyer. And my dad Jacob works as a business man. They’re always busy. Andrew is our chef in Ohio and in California, where ever we go actually. Robert is our chauffeur, well actually mine. Kelly and Mike also have him except when i go to parties and premiers, or when I go alone on long trips. Michael and Kelly sometimes like to share limos and chauffeurs with me. Mom and Dad have separate ones. The other people who work in the house whom I haven’t met yet also stay here.
After breakfast I went to my room and got ready for school. Michael who prefers to be called Mike and Kelly who’s way ahead of everything is waiting in the limo. “Hey Kels, have fun in school ok?” I told Kelly when we arrived at school
“Alright Kass” She replied
Then I was off to school. When I first entered the building everyone seems to be staring at me. “Why are they staring at me? I thought they’re used to this kind of thing. Maybe I’ll just give them 2 days or so” I thought
“Oh my gosh its Kassey Matthews from the movie called ‘The first 5 days of summer’ and ‘The deep secrets of the Pyramids” and…“said one girl. I didn’t want to hear this.
“Didn’t lots of famous Hollywood starlets go to school here?” I asked myself
Then I heard whispers.
“Kassey Matthews is going to school here?”
“Omg I just saw Kassey Matthews!”
“She looks better in person.”
All of that was probably around the whole school. At least they’re not chasing me right? What’s the worst thing that can happen?
Everyone’s all been nice. Rich kids though you can tell by the limo they used going to school. I don’t think they’ll chase me or touch me. But staring? I didn’t think of that. Mr. Johansson, my English teacher doesn’t seem to mind, I guess he’s used to it.
Lunch came and everyone's been offering me seats at lunch. But I denied them. I decided to sit by myself at the corner of the Lunch room.
"Hey, is this seat taken?" someone asked
"No, of course you may sit." I answered
"I'm Courtney Whitman" she told me
"I'm Kass—“
"Yes, you're Kassey Matthews, everyone knows you." she continued "Why are you sitting by yourself?" she asked
"I just wanted to sit alone that’s all." I answered
Then a cute guy with tan skin, brunet hair, tall (he was just cute) started coming to our table.
"Kassey I want you meet my boyfriend, Zach" replied Courtney
"Hey Courts" Zach said giving Courtney a hug
"How romantic" I thought
Then he looked straight into my eyes "He has blue gorgeous eyes, how cute" I told myself
"And this is?" Zach asked with a questioning look.
"Zach, this is Kassey the actress from 'The Deep Secrets I discovered'”
“Hi, I’m Kassandra Matthews call me Kassey” I replied
“Zachary Taylor, Zach for short” he replied and shook my hand. He went on “‘The Deep secrets of the Pyramids’? You mean the one we keep watching every Friday night?” he asked
“Yeah, that’s the one. But you never seemed to pay attention.” Courtney answered
“That’s because I keep daydreaming about you.” Zach said then gave her a kiss on her cheek
“Zach, aren’t we from the same Biology class?” I asked
“Yeah, I guess so.” He replied
I thought I was imagining it but for a moment Zach and I locked eyes. I turned away after that happened I wouldn’t want to get on a conflict with Courtney.

End of Chapter 2

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14 Feb, 2011
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