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Rivhervoir Academy chapter 3

Rivhervoir Academy chapter 3

By marinifernandez

Chapter 3
It’s Friday when I woke the next morning, I hurriedly reached for the phone and called my friends back in Cali.
“Oh my gosh Kass you must be dying there in Michigan” Jessie cried
“Oh I miss you too Jess, Michigan’s a nice place” I went on “I’m perfectly fine here Jess. Miss you guys badly” I answered
After speaking with Jessie, I literally ran over breakfast. I was running my way to the kitchen when suddenly I bumped Andrew who was carrying breakfast. It’s a good thing he made extras because I would’ve been late for school. Right after that I went straight to school.
“Hey Kass, meet Amber and Ashley” Courtney introduced
“Hey guys, hey Courtney. Catcha later.” I told them then left.
On my way to my locker, I spotted Zach who was clearly talking with his friends. We locked eyes again.
“Zach’s so cute, I wish I can have him but obviously I can’t for Courtney’s sake” I thought
Anyway, not much people are talking about me now, that’s good. I guess they’re so used to people from Hollywood going to school here, after all this is Rivhervoir. This thing only lasts in a day or two, I guess. I was about to put my things inside my locker when someone slammed my locker shut.
“Hey, you’re Kassey Matthews right? I watch your show ‘The deep secrets of the Pyramids” every Friday night” he said
“Yeah, that’s me. And you are?” I asked
“Ryan Chase. Captain of the football team” he continued “Are you doing anything later” he asked
“Not really why?” I asked opening my locker again
“Great so meet me in the lobby after school. I’ll take you out for dessert” he replied
But before I could protest he was already gone.
It’s Lunch again and I sat with Courtney, Amber and Ashley. They seem like nice people so I decided to hang out with them.
“Hey Kass, want to go to the mall later after school?” asked Courtney
“I can’t I’m going out with Ryan” I answered
“Ryan? You mean Ryan Chase? Captain of the football team?” asked Amber
“You know, he’s not only a football player but also a player you know what I mean?” Ashley asked
“I’m sure he’s nice” I replied
“Sure… but be careful we know he’s got many girls” Courtney warned
When lunch came to an end, I was on my way to my class when I saw Zach. He drew near me.
“Hey Kass, are you doing something this Saturday?” he went on “Because I was thinking we should go out sometime. I mean go to the mall…” he paused “to buy a present for—“
“Courtney?” I asked
“Yeah Courtney. You’re a girl and you know all about girls and what they want.” He told me
“Why do you want me to come with you? Why can’t you ask Amber or Ashley or Courtney herself?” I replied wanting to stay away from him.
“Because you’re perfect.” He replied but had the thought of what he just said “I mean you know how to shop and as I said what… girls want” he replied
“I can’t Zach. Do you even think Courtney will allow that?” I asked
“I bet she’s fine with it. After all I didn’t break up with her right?” he told me
“No, thanks Zach. I think I’ve got things to do by then” I replied then disappeared.
Why would Zach want to ask me to go with him to the mall? Is he asking me out? Why? I mustn’t accept though he’s cute, for Courtney. I told myself
Right after school I called Rob and told him I’ll stop by the mall and ride home with a friend. I went to the lobby and saw Ryan with his black and white Lamborghini Murcielago .
“Awesome ride” I told him
“Thanks, come hop in” he replied
We drove past the neighborhood then off went through the streets of Michigan. Then arrived, we went to the store that sells dessert. Ryan told me it was the best place in town to get desserts.
“May I take your order?” Ryan said laughing
“Why, I would want a blue-berry cheesecake kind sir” I replied mocking Heather in her strong British accent.
“Anything else me lady?” he replied mocking me
“That would be all” I chuckled
We ordered a blue-berry cheesecake and a chocolate sundae for Ryan.
“So how’s—?” interrupted as Ryan said it he saw a man with a camera who came near the window and took our pictures.
“No! This is bad, this is totally bad!” I cried
“It’s fine, it’s just one guy—“but before he could continue many of them came our way and took all our pictures through the glass window.
“I’m so calling Robert” I told him
Got the phone and dialed Robert’s number when Ryan suddenly held my hand
“Calm down Kass, we’ll think something out” Ryan replied calming me
“You’re right, I’ll calm down” I told him
“Let me pay for the order and I’ll take you home myself” he assured
“Thanks Ryan, you’re so thoughtful” I replied
We paid for our desserts and headed straight for the door. I was very calm because Ryan kept hold of my hand. We passed through a sea of paparazzi and went to Ryan’s car. We drove and drove until there was no sight of the paparazzi. We finally came to a stop when Ryan told me he’ll take me somewhere private.
We went inside the beautiful house with glass windows. Ryan directed me up to the roof top where I saw the moonlight and the stars up above me. I could see the colorful lights surround the city. I sat on a beach bench when Ryan told me to wait here. When he came back he brought night blankets, and a picnic basket!
“Ryan what’s all this?” I asked
“It’s simply dinner. You see, I was supposed to take you out for dinner when those paparazzi came. What do you think of a picnic dinner?” He asked
“Sure, that’ll be great” I told him on this romantic Friday night. “Do you live here?” I asked
“No, this is just our family guest house” he replied
“Its beautiful here, and so romantic” I shrugged
“Yeah its perfect, just like you” he managed a smile
I saw the moon, the stars, and the colorful bright lights. After dinner Ryan brought me to his huge telescope where I saw lots of stars that hang on the sky. We then sat on the blankets and he brought me to his chest to rest and appreciate the stars. I could hear his heartbeat. Then, I stared up at him; suddenly I felt his lips touch mine. In other words he kissed me.

End of Chapter 3. See other Chapters as well. You may email me at: [email protected] I love to receive feedbacks.

Author: Marini Fernandez

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14 Feb, 2011
Read Time
6 mins
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