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Rivhervoir Academy chapter 4

Rivhervoir Academy chapter 4

By marinifernandez

Chapter 4
Ryan and I are together for about two weeks now. We haven’t told anybody yet, he says it’s best if it’s a secret. At school I kept daydreaming about Ryan, how he’s so sweet and romantic. The first night we had was just magical. I fell in love with him.
Suddenly I was interrupted by the bell that rang which means class is over now.
I was getting ready for gym class when Zach spotted me because he came nearer.
“Hey Kass I haven’t spoken to you in a while”
“Hey Zach, how’s Courtney I haven’t spoken with her too” I asked
“Oh Courtney? I broke up with her last week” Zach replied
“WHAT? Why?”
“I’m over her besides I’m in love with someone” he looked into my eyes
“Who?” I quickly asked drawing farther from him
“This girl, she’s perfect and has blue eyes. I can’t tell her my feelings because I’m afraid she might say something that will break my heart” he replied looking at my eyes
Wait a minute I have blue eyes. Hopefully it’s not me. Please, please
“Good luck with that Zach” came out of my mouth
He held my hands and said “Kassey, you are—“I interrupted
“I have to go” I threw his hands “It’s gym class”
“Oh, right gym class” he looked sad then left
“That was close I wouldn’t want to break up with Ryan much more have a conflict with Courtney” I thought
I can’t believe Zach would break up with Courtney. I have to go see her now! I went to the gym when I saw Courtney at the corner of the room with Amber and Ashley. I hurriedly approached her.
“—I can’t believe he would break up with me just like that” Courtney cried with tears rolling down her cheeks. I tried not to notice her puffy red eyes.
“Hey Courts, what happened?” I asked pretending not to know anything.
“Zach broke up with her” answered Ashley
“What? Why would he do that?” I asked
“That’s what we are going to find out” Ashley replied
“C’mon lets go out for ice cream” I asked
“Zach loved ice cream!” shouted Courtney then cried again
“Shopping then?” I asked again
“He loved shopping too for me” for 30 minutes she kept crying
“Then what does Zach hate?” I asked
“He hates Mexican food” Amber replied
“That should keep you busy. Let’s get some Mexican food” I told her
Lunch time happened and I ordered some Mexican food so Courtney wouldn’t keep crying. We talked about how Zach hated bowling, and things that humiliated him.
“You don’t need Zach” I told her but then felt guilty about it.
“Let’s give her 2 days or so she’ll be ok by then” whispered Amber
Two days passed and Courtney looked worst. She kept crying about Zach and how he used to do those things with her. Three days and her eyes are puffier than ever, no one in school laughed or talked about her because they know what she’s been through. Four days, five days and she’s getting worst. Maybe it’s time I do something about it.
“Zach! How could you break Courtney’s heart?” I told him angrily
“I’m in love with another person ok?” he replied then once again left before I could protest
I was furious at Zach and I wanted him to pay for all he did to Courtney. But then again he was in love with me. Am I supposed to be glad or sad, angry or happy? The whole night I was debating at myself whether or not I should be glad or sad, angry or happy. No, stop yourself Kassey you are supposed to be angry at Zach because he broke your friend’s heart, eventually angry won.
The next day when I arrived at school I saw Zach with his buddies. He approached me once again and said “Kass, do you have anything to do this Friday night?”
“Yeah Zach”
“Never mind what I said. How about dinner after school?” his look being serious
I spotted Courtney with Amber and Ashley. I wanted to go and see them right away when I recognized Zach was still talking to me “Yeah yeah sure”
“Great tomorrow after school?” he managed a smile
“Yeah yeah sure” then I Ieft without thinking that Zach asked me on a date
“She said yes!” I could hear Zach chanting
“What was that about?” Courtney asked
“I’m not sure so anyway the mall tomorrow after school?”
“Sure I’d love to go” replied Courtney
I directly went to English class when I suddenly realized that I said yes to Zach. Oh no! This wasn’t supposed to happen. I didn’t know what to do so after class I called Ryan and asked him if it was ok to go with Zach after school as buds. He said it was fine if he would come.
After school I had three rides, one with Robert, Ryan’s Lamborghini Murcielago, and Zach’s Lotus Evora. I’m tired of having rides with Robert or anyone I’m going to drive my car when I turn 16 2 months from now. So anyway I denied Robert and told Zach I’ll meet him at the mall.
This time not much people were in the mall and no one paid any attention to me and Ryan when we got off his car.
“Hey guys. So Kass you didn’t tell me there’s an extra person” replied Zach
“Hey Zach no worries I’ll pay for all the expenses” Ryan replied
“Ok so who wants dinner?” asked Zach
“Let’s go” I told them feeling awkward.
Dinner was different because Zach made a reservation in a private room. We had to wait a couple more minutes because they had to rearrange the room fit for 3 people instead of 2. The room looks great, so does the dining table with the two romantic candles in the middle. This night feels like a movie because I had two dates instead of one. Everyone was silent at dinner so I broke it with a conversation.
“Zach, great dinner place” I told him
“Thanks, Kass. Give me your hand” Zach handed down a small black box that contained a beautiful silver necklace.
“Zach this is beautiful but I cannot accept this” I went on “It’s supposed to be for Courtney”
“Yeah well I found a better person to give it to”
“What’s this for anyway?” I asked
“Kassey will you be my date next Friday on Jasmine’s 16th birthday?” Zach asked
“I already asked her” Ryan answered. Though he didn’t really ask me
“Besides she’s my girlfriend” spilled Ryan
“What since when?” Zach asked with a serious look on his face
“Two weeks ago, it was supposed to be a secret now it’s not going to be anymore” Ryan was furious
“I’m so sorry Zach but I really do think Courtney deserves it not me” I gently told him
“Let’s get out of here” Ryan grabbed my arm and we stormed out of the restaurant
We drove past the mall, and all around the whole neighborhood. Ryan was still furious. So I tried to calm him down.
“Ryan, I wasn’t going to accept it anyway”
“I knew it was a bad idea to go with him” he said
“Ryan stop!” I cried. Ryan was so angry he drove in curves like a drunken man
“You’re going to get us killed!” I screamed but still he wouldn’t listen
“The police are at our backs Ryan! Stop this car immediately!” I cried once more
But before I could say anything more…
BOOM!‼ I was really dizzy and I managed to look up but the world kept spinning. I saw a huge tree in front of Ryan’s car we might have crashed into it. Ryan screamed something, I myself couldn’t makeup.
I gained back consciousness and I could see Ryan screaming my name out loud. We were being parted in different hospital cars. As I was being brought to the car I heard a very faint scream I assumed it was Ryan’s.
“Kassey! I’m sorry!” was the last thing I heard because they closed all the doors.
I blacked out.

End of Chapter 4. See other Chapters as well. You may email me at: [email protected] I love to receive feedbacks.

Author: Marini Fernandez

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14 Feb, 2011
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