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Rivhervoir Academy chapter 5

Rivhervoir Academy chapter 5

By marinifernandez

Chapter 5
I woke on a bed. With a blurry vision I concluded I was in the hospital. I heard a familiar voice one I haven’t heard in a while.
“Hey Kass how ya feeling?” whispered the voice
“Mitchell?” I questioned
“Yeah it’s me”
“What are you doing here? What am I doing here?” I anxiously asked “Is this a dream?”
“You got into an accident. I got a call right after so we made it into the next flight. You passed out for 2 weeks” he whispered
I got my vision back and in the corner of the room I saw Annie resting her head on Logan, Heather was also resting at Michaels shoulder while Jessie was asleep.
“You guys are here” I smiled
He smiled
“How you feeling?” he asked
“Those 2 weeks of sleeping really paid off.” “What happened?” I anxiously questioned
“With what I gathered so far this was what I got. Ryan was driving fast, he saw a dog on his lane he quickly hit the brakes then the dog ran onto the other lane where a truck stopped and circled hitting you guys. Then another car hit your side so you were nearing a tree when another car hit your backs causing you to hit a huge tree.” He replied “Everyone in the accident is ok not much injuries but you suffered a lot”
“What happened to Ryan?” I quickly asked
Ryan pursed his lips “He only got minor injuries. Passed out for 2 days and was arrested” he continued “He was then released a day after because they concluded it wasn’t his fault.
“Where is he now?” I questioned
“Out buying food he was here for the past week and never left your side” he went on “I told him to grab some food and we’ll watch you” how sweet of Mitchell to do so
I grabbed onto the necklace Ryan gave me which hangs on my neck. I remembered the first night we had. Then memories came about the accident so I left my necklace there to hang.
Ryan came after a few minutes. Heather, Logan, Jessie and everyone else said that they will leave us alone for a while. Jessie told me they’re going shopping so I let them. I wasn’t surprised why my parents weren’t here. Mitchell told me they were here a while ago and they had to go because they have a business meeting in Paris. Kelly’s probably in school now.
“How are you feeling?” Ryan whispered
“Fine, you?” I answered
“I feel horrible seeing you like that” he replied “Look I’m sorry about what—“
“Ryan let’s not talk about it ok?” I replied
“What do you want to do then?” “There are no paparazzi so you can get a tour of the hospital”
“Great, thanks.” “Can you pass my laptop please?”
“Here you go then”
I check my email and I had lots of messages
Hey Kass I’m really sorry about the dinner yesterday. Hope you feel better.
Kass, I visited you a while ago but it seems that you’re still unconscious,
Hope you feel better.
This was sent recently
Hey I heard you’re awake. Look I’m really sorry about dinner two weeks ago.
It was my fault Ryan got angry. I never should’ve showed you the necklace
Or none of this would’ve happened. I took your advice I apologized to Courtney
But it seems she was happy without me. I’m really sorry. Hope you’ll forgive
Zach is really nice as for the accident I couldn’t blame anyone. Ryan stayed there all day beside me. So I decided to forgive him. Ryan was sweet to me the whole time. He laid on the bed beside me and again lead me to his chest where I could rest. I slept the whole night with Ryan beside me.
Lots of people came to visit often even Zach did. When Courtney visited she looked happy now. Finally mission accomplished. Ryan never left the room he asks his driver to buy him things he needs.
When Ryan and I were alone I asked “What happened to your car?”
“It’s still in the shop in the mean time I’ll be using my Porsche Carrera” he bragged “I was supposed to give it to you for your 16th birthday. Until the accident”
“Ryan I can buy my own car you don’t have to do that” I shot back
“Relax it was custom made for you it even has your name in it” he teased “And it has pink covers. I can’t drive a car with pink seat covers.”
“Then I’ll buy it from you then” I chuckled
“I already purchased it and I don’t need money”
“I don’t need you to buy me anything I can buy them myself” I replied
“Please accept it for me. I swear I’ll never give you anything anymore” he promised
“We’ll see” I giggled
I was finally able to leave the hospital. Though my room was pink and it smelled like roses I wanted to leave.
Ryan was right his car does have pink seat covers. I tried not to notice it so I held my laughter.
“I know you think its pink it was for you” he managed a laugh
“Ryan you know you could change the seat covers if you want to” I teased
He ignored me and talked to himself “See that Kassey the other human Kassey wants to change your seat covers would you like that” he was referring to the car which he named after me.
“Ryan you are so hilarious” we both laughed. At least this time he was driving carefully.
“Here we are the Matthews residence one of the biggest house in the neighborhood” he teased
“Thanks for the ride Ryan” I smiled
He then helped me to my room. When he first stepped into my room his first reaction was “Whoa I’ve never saw a celebrity’s room before and this room is huge and PINK”
“It’s not that pink Ryan” I bragged “I bet your car’s seat covers have more pink than this room”
“You know come to think about it I think the car I’m going to give you could fit right through the door” he teased
“Ryan you don’t have to give the car to me. What am I supposed to do with it anyway?” I questioned
“You could drive it when you turn 16” he answered
“Ryan please keep your car. I probably won’t drive in a while”
“Oh right. I’ll just give it to my sister then. When she turns 16 which will take years” he teased
“Better wait that long or you could send it back” I asked
“I’ll just give it to my cousin who lives far away from here and not my girlfriend” he laughed
“Yeah you do that” I replied
Ryan directed me to my bed where I was going to sleep when suddenly I got a phone call. It was from Michael he said that Zach was coming up to my room. And that he looked furious.

End of Chapter 5. See other Chapters as well. You may email me at: [email protected] I love to receive feedbacks

Author: Marini Fernandez

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14 Feb, 2011
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6 mins
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