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Road to the Past
Road to the Past

Road to the Past


Standing in the forest alone. All that could be heard was the wind in the trees and birds talking to one another. The sky was orange whilst the sun was setting with the sound of trickling water running down the stream spreading throughout the forest. But that was yesterday, today is a completely different day.
No matter how much I try and bring back all good and beautiful that had been here once before, it always finds a way to go back to horrid brambles and dead plants so I decided to give up. I have been standing here and watching the world fly past for many years. Not doing anything just because be died. It hurt my feelings too much I felt rejected and lose nerved because everyone one I Ioved left me. And this world has been infected buy the pain everyone lives in. And in the end I feel like a fool trying to bring it all back by crying. Every day I have been thinking of what I'm going to do to get out of this town but I always find floors in it like I do with myself.
Reaching for my boots I decided to go out on a walk, this place has been horrifying me too much to stay any longer. Walking and walking but soon enough I got to the district walls, just wanting to see what was on the other side but that could never happen because if I did I would never see another living day.
A noise I've never heard of came from behind me! I dropped down to the ground. Slowly and steadily I rose from the ground heisting at any noise. Then from the bushes a hand stuck out! It looked like a boy! I looked at him and thought 'he couldn't hurt me...
Back at the house I helped him on the spare bed making sure I didn't get to close. Then my mother came through to help heal up his wounds with our herbal kit. But it would take forever to make the mixture so I sent my mother downstairs to make it and I followed her. Soon I went back up to my room and he was sat up holding is wound trying to say something but he couldn't. Then mixture was finally made which was good because he was getting worse and worse. My mothers hands started shaking so I decided to take the medicine and sent her away to do something else.
"It's going to hurt a little while I put the paste on.." I reassured him. Still not know his name.
"No don't waist time on me save the book!" mumbled vthe boy with difficulty.
"What?! I don't understand. What book?" I explained.
"This one." He muffled holding up an old book dark green book.
"What's so special about this book?" taking it off him.
"My farther got married again and the woman he married was just using him to get close to the secrets that are held in this book."
"So he sent you away with the book but the thing I don't understand is how you get this open wound?" I said trying to be as gentle as possible putting on the paste.
"Oh I sort of...Well...I..."stumbled the boy.
"Oh just spit it out already and what is your name?!"
"My name is Jack and well there was a fight to let me in to this place and I got stabbed." Gritting his teeth because of the pain.
A few weeks later, jack was walking around but still couldn't go out the house. Then one day I got home and he was downstairs making dinner. Which was a nice thought.
"I told you to stay in bed and rest!" I claimed trying not to make eye contact.
"Well I wanted to surprise you. And by the way your mother told me to tell me that she won't be back until tomorrow morning."
"Ok!? But I need to get you back to bed." I said making her way over to him so he couldn't get away.
"Fine I'll go back to bed after I make dinner and we have it!"
"Ok. So anyway what do we have for dinner?"
"Meat and vegetables."
We finally sat down to eat whilst having a nice conversation about where he used to live. Which was nice because I hardly know anything about him.
But that was no where close to the end!

Author Notes: If u want to make a suggestion on how I can make it better than plz just say. Thx. This is the innocent and short version so if you want the other one just say.

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About This Story
8 Jul, 2017
Read Time
3 mins
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