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By SadSandy01xx

Closing my eyes, it starts once again.
The story I tried, with therapy, to forget.
The story of my loved one’s life.
And death.
It was on a beautiful summers day…

‘Honey,’ I said, holding on his arm tighter, terrified of heights, as we slowly, painfully slowly went up the rails. Yes, we were on a rollercoaster. It was his choice of holiday. He loved thrill-rides. He loved me. ‘You won’t let me go, will you?’ I asked, shaking immensely, squeezing my eyes shut.
‘Babe, I won’t. You’ll love it, I promise.’ He said, smiling at me, holding my hand all the tighter.
Then we stopped, at the highest point of the ride. He grinned at me. I had terrified tears in my eyes. Suddenly, the groaning sound of the track was heard, loudly. There were screams from way below us. Earthquake? No, in England? Couldn’t be serious. What was wrong?
‘Libby!’ he cried. ‘Let go of me.’ He shook his hand away and held tightly to the rails.
‘Jack!? Whats wrong!?’ I cried, screaming at this point.
‘GRAB ONTO THE RAILS’ he shrieked, horrified, looking towards the ground. I looked down. And my heart stopped beating.
The giant green braces of the rollercoaster were falling down. In seconds, I knew it would kill us. In seconds, the automatic rollercoaster decend would start, and we would all die.
‘I love you.’ Jack whispered, as, on impact, he thrust me over, down into the crowd below.
As I was falling down, down, down, I heard the gigantic smash and screams of the people above me, and the whoosh of the wind flying past me. I was going to die. But then, I fell on top of a great amount of people. I was safe. But, I looked up. And watched the little image of Jack fall far away from where I was, into the neighbouring lake.
My Jack can’t swim.
My Jack didn’t survive.

‘JACK! NO! JACK! JACK! JAAAAAAAACCKK!’ I shriek and shriek and shriek. I know it’s only a little time till the kind nurse puts me to sleep again…

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About This Story
25 Oct, 2010
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1 min
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