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Room number three
Room number three

Room number three


So I live in a group home. Which is a type of placement for kids that are in the foster care system and have mental health issues that have nowhere else to go. A lot of these places are haunted. And I've been going into placements since I was eight years old so I'm used to paranormal stuff happeneing around me, so it doesn't usually scare me. That is untill I moved here into room number three.

When I first got here I was in room number five which is located on the third floor. I would always stay up late sneaking out onto the fire escape stairs with my friends to smoke late at night then hanging out with them talking till around 4 or 5 in the morning. The first experience with room three was on my fourth day here. I was not yet located in that room, but me and two of my friends were hanging out on the second floor hallway, when my friend who lived in the third room came out looking scared.

Me and my friend I was talking to, Lucas looked up at Katelynn. "What's wrong?" we both ask immediatly.

"There's something in my room. I keep hearing whispers and giggling coming from my closet."

Lucas and I look at eachother. I don't know whether to believe Katelynn or not when Lucas speaks up.

"There's always been something wrong with that room. I mean there's spirits and stuff in all the rooms, but the only room I get a bad vibe from is from that room. Which is why I never go in there if I can help it."

That's when the door to room number three starts shaking as if something or someone is trying to open it and a feeling od dread washes over me. I instantly know this isn't a normal spirit that just hasn't crossed over. This is something that wants to cause fear and possably harm us if we get to close. I run up to my room and grab my bible and cross and approach the door holding out my cross and reading a verse from my bible out loud. The door starts to shake harder and then slams open and then closed. I instantly stop reading out from my bible.

I offer for my friend to come up to my room to spend the night. She happily agrees.

Fast foward a month and I'm now living in that room with my friend Blayke. I sleep just fine in the room, now that I've got used to the feeling of instant dread that covers you as soon as you step inside the room.

My friend Blayke hates the room. And the one night I ask why. He tells me a few stories of things that have happened in the room between the hours of three am and four am. Which is the devils hour. He tells me that I will randomly start talking in a grown mans voice or a demonic voice. Or sit up with my eyes wide open staring at the closets. Then he tells me that the one night at three fifteen am he wakes up and hears banging whispering and giggles coming from the one closet. He gets up and opens the closet door thinking that I am trying to play a trick on him, when in reality I'm on my bed dead asleep.

When he opens the door he sees a shadowy figure that looks exactly like me that looks up and grins creepily at him. He then turns around hearing something by my bed. I am now sitting up with my eyes wide open staring at the closet, even though I'm still dead asleep. He gets freaked out and looks back and the figure is still there, staring at him. He slams the door shut and climbs into bed terrified.

A couple of weeks later I get a new roomate and Blayke m0ves upstairs. My new roomate also reports hearing me speak in a grown mans voice between the hours of three am and four am.

I myself have experienced things happen in the room. I'll be on my bed minding my own business reading my book or scrolling through social media when I will hear the door open and footsteps walk over to my friends bed and hear th3e bed restling, but when I look over my roomate is never in the room. The one time the bed is even dipped down as though someone is sitting there. I also have insomnia and they recently got rid of my one night med that helps me sleep so I'll be up all noght. Every night between the hours of three am and four am, the feeling of dread grows stronger and I hear the close3t doors banging, I hear whispering and demonic giggling and footsteps. During all of these situatuons I lay still on my bed pretending to be asleep. I asked the one manager to get a priest to bless the room and he said he's going to get one soon. I only hope that by the time the priest comes whatever is in there doesn't hurt anyone.

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2 Nov, 2021
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4 mins
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