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Roses and Lace

Roses and Lace

By Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik

Which should I choose?

Staring at the lingerie,

Upon the velveteen hangers,

I find it hard to make a decision,

And yet I must,

For tonight, he will come,

With roses,

I’m not sure what colour,



Pale pink,

I do wonder,

I do so hope I can,

Make a decision soon,

For people who find it easy,

To choose are looking at me,

Like I’m a mental person,

Goodness knows why,

Last time I heard,

It was perfectly normal,

To write poetry on the floor,

Of a department store,

So kindly, my friend,

I ask you to help me,

In my decision,

Red, white, or pale pink lace?

Red may seem too keen,

It’s vibrancy my startle him,

White my appear,

Far too innocent,

Which may scare him,

Pale pink may appear,

Weak against my skin,

As if I hadn’t made an effort,

Which will certainly not impress him,

So what if,

I was to get, a red bra,

White panties,

And pale pink stockings?

Then maybe he’ll,

Be startled by my vibrancy,

Scared by my innocence,

Or unimpressed by my lack,

Of effort,

Or he’ll fall for me completely,

I’ll have to see.

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About The Author
Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik
About This Story
5 May, 2019
Read Time
<1 min
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