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Roswell Relived

Roswell Relived

By cody_dalton

Traveler and investigator John Curtis walked about in an abandoned building, placed in the middle of nowhere, it seemed. The building was almost triangular in shape and had a huge tesla coil on top of it, old.. collecting dust. He scuffed his feet along the floor, kicking up dirt and dust accumulated over the years, and he ran his hand along the walls, looking to come across anything that might be there. With a clink and a subtle roar, a switch in the wall was pushed by John’s hand. The floor began to split into four sections starting from the middle of the floor, John tried to find something to hang onto but couldn’t find a thing. Quickly he found himself off balanced and then falling backwards, down to the area below.

Abruptly the traveler fell onto his back, after letting out a loud holler for what seemed to him to be an hour, but was actually more like a minute. “Uggghh” moaned John loudly, using his arms as momentum to sit up. He got to a knee and then up to his feet, after playing back what had just happened in his hand, he looked up and watched as the floor closed above him. “No, no, no! Stop, Stop!” John yelled, looking around for a way to get up. The floor closed to a finish at last, leaving the traveler in the dark. He felt sorrow in his heart and anger in his head, feeling as though he was a failure for not reaching the floor above, as if he had only missed by inches rather than the several feet separating him.

John reached to his shoulder and eased his backpack off of him and onto the ground in front of him. He knelt down and unzipped the pocket closest to him, he reached his hand in and wrapped his hand around a long and smooth cylinder. He pulled the flashlight out of his backpack and turned it on. The light seemed to bounce all around the room as if it was made of glass, at least he could see now. John picked up his backpack and tossed it back over his shoulder. In an effort to find out where he had just landed, he began to slowly step around, flashing the light in his hand up and down, left and right. “A light switch!” John said silently with exclamation. He walked carefully over to the left side of the room toward the light switch. He looked at the light switch and then scanned the ceiling. “Hmmm.. two switches but only one light on the ceiling”. He flicked one on quickly, hoping to himself that the ground would not spread out under his feet. Flickering and flashing a little, the light turned on above him. He looked around the room, seeing much more clearly than before. “What is all of this?” he asked himself. In the room around him was table after table of strange looking instruments and machinery, the likes of which he had never seen before.

John walked about to inspect, going through the tables to see if he could identify any of it. “Well that there looks like an old flute of some sort” he said as he picked it up. He placed it up to his lips and attempted to play, but no sound was made. He turned it around and tried again but still there was no sound. Then he saw a button and pressed it. The small instrument began to let out a painful screech so loud it almost made John’s eardrums pop. He then pressed the button again in effort to turn it off and it did go off. “Well then, enough of that.” he said, dropping it back on to the table recklessly. He then began to look around again and something caught his eye. It was a device, metallic silver in color and made a buzzing sound, accompanied by flickering yellow lines going down the side. It was smooth and curved in several directions, with arms extending in several directions.

He picked it up cautiously, caressed it and then slipped it into his bag. He continued to walk about and then wondered to himself what that second switch next to the light switch was. He hustled close to the switch and then cautioned closer to it. He quickly switched it on in order to get it over with and bypass his anxieties. He heard a slight sound at first which sounded like a machine powering up, the gradual increase in tone of the sound until it halted at a moderate pitch. After that he heard a loud buzzing sound followed by a big thud. The strange and loud sounds were intimidating but John took a deep breath and let it out, then looked about the room to see if anything had changed. As his head turned towards the right, he noticed something metallic and rectangular, like a mirror, but not a mirror. He proceeded to walk up to it and noticed his image in it. “A mirror” he said befuddled. “Why would there be a mirror under ground of an abandoned building housing secret technologies?”

“Not looking too bad though, if I do say so myself” he remarked, toying with his hair and straightening his clothes in the mirror. “So then, since there is really no need for a mirror down here, why is there a mirror down here?” He poked at it lightly and subsequently there was a ripple centered around his finger tip, moving outward. “Wrong question... the question would be, is this a mirror at all?” John continued to push his finger through the mirror-like item on the wall. “There’s another side..” he said. He stepped through and settled on the other side. “It’s a portal, not a mirror. That definitely fits more easily with the surrounding area” he spoke outward as he did quite often. “It’s a portal alright, but a portal to where? Where am I?”

“John Curtis, you have entered the time organization module. You are welcome.” a voice said coming from the small room. John was mesmerized by the site of thousands of numbers, equations, colors and blinking lights.

“Who are you? I’ve entered what?”

“To tone the message down to your intelligence, you have essentially entered my command center, the center of me.” the computer voice said in a monotone manner.

“Ah, great. So nice to be welcomed to your home. And you are?” John said sarcastically, attempting to make light of the mind blowing situation.

“I am the Time Organization Module, and you are John Curtis. Hello.”

“Yes thank you, I had forgotten who I was until just then. So, Tom, you want to explain to me how I got here from there?” John said, pointing back to the portal entry which he had walked through.

“Tom. I have not been called that for many years. John Curtis, your name is familiar to my memory banks, but there is insufficient information to confirm previous knowledge of you....” John stood annoyed by the babbling of the computer, he was thinking of a clever remark but was cut off before he could say anything. “You walked through an engineered transport centered on a weak spot in your Earth’s time-space fabric.”

“Normally I would pretend I knew what you were talking about, but in this case I can’t even convince myself of that. So -”

“John Curtis, you have 1 message. Origin, Rosalie Woiss-Knight, 1947A.D. “

“What? A message? I just stumbled upon this old dump by sheer coincidence and your saying that I have a personal message?”

“Playing message” the computer answered.

“John Curtis, please, we need your help. I know this will come as a shock to you, but your the only one that can help us. Please, come quickly.” spoke the woman’s voice.

“Message ended”

“Well, it’s a bit too late now ain’t it? That was 70 years ago.”

“This room is your transport, the journey is through time.” the computer replied.

“Okay, okay. I believe ya, Tom. How long would I have?”

“You would need to leave here immediately to go through the journey and arrive at destination on time, according to my calculations.”

“Now? But that’s all in the past, in the history books by now. I should have all the time in the world, why does it matter if I leave now or in 10 years?”

“The event may have occurred in the past, but this transmission is new. New events can occur in the past just as well as the future if something opens a hole. By walking in here, John Curtis, you have done such.”

“Great. I come across a time machine in a simple exploration and what should now be my time for riches and fame, you’re now saying that I’m obligated to help this broad from 70 years in the past and it’s all because of me? Tom, that’s just great.” John said with sarcasm and frustration in his tone.

“Incorrect. John Curtis, you are not obligated to help Ms. Woiss-Knight.”

“Ms.? What age range are we talking about here? She cute?” John prodded.

“24 years old. Ms. Woiss-Knight is a young heir, she is qualified as beautiful.”

“Beautiful, huh? Why haven’t you swept her off her feet, Tommy? Haven’t got the gusto?” John said with a lightened and teasing tone.

“I am a computation and organization module, gusto would not be a trait to describe me with.”

“Always excuses. Anyway, she’s a babe and she’s rich, is she? Sounds good to me, send me back to the future!” John shouted.

“Command is not understood”

“Ahh c’mon, Tommy, it’s a classic.... Just bring me to Ms. Woiss-Knight!”

“Reception of message confirmed.. out through the portal when ready, Mr. Curtis.”

“We’ve travelled in time? No worm holes or vortexes or 88mph?”

“Just outside is the dry climate of Nevada, 1947.” the computer informed.

“Same place, different time, interesting”

“At first you will only see sand and little foliage, proceed to walk forward from the entrance of the portal, you will come to a dirt road. Pick up transportation there.”

“You mean I have to navigate to get to where I’m supposed to be going? Why couldn’t you just bring me to her house?” John asked.

“In order to exit this room there must be a portal to walk through, Ms. Woiss-Knight’s house has no such weak spot.”

“Well, alright. See ya, Tom. I’ll be back when I’m wealthier and have a girl on my arm” John said, winking. He then wondered to himself why he had winked, what was he winking to, a voice?

John walked out through the portal, feeling the difference in temperature, going from a frigid and small room to the scorching desert before him. He turned around and poked the portal once more, partially out of curiosity and partly to be sure it was still there, to be sure he wasn’t stuck in a time not his own. He turned around and began to walk forward as the computer had instructed. After about half a mile John wondered how much longer he would have to walk. “He just said walk forward, he didn’t say how far... I probably should have asked.”

“Ugghh.. finally” John muttered, seeing the road just beyond him. “I’m still not convinced I’ve traveled in time, looks just the same as it did before.” He looked out at the road and just then he saw a black vehicle approaching, the heat distorted the image, it was as if a large black blotch was hovering over to him. Soon it became more detailed “That’s an old VW Beetle.. but some people get those old piles of junk and restore them. Doesn’t mean anything.” The car passed by him, the man in the car glancing over it him, perhaps wondering why there was a man standing on the side of the road of the desert. John began to walk up the road, fearing he would have to walk all the way to town in order to find out if he had made it to 1947. Suddenly another black car approaches in the distance, it appeared to be the same car that passed before but John recognized that there was a different license plate. The car pulled to the side close to John, slowing down. The man in the car reached over and rolled down his window, “Hello stranger, what’re you doing in the middle of the desert?”

“Uhh, got a little lost. What’s it to you?” John replied.

“I’m just a curious man, no harm intended, son.”

“Your nosy, huh? I know what that’s like.. and don’t call me son.”

“Alright, stranger. Got a name?” the man questioned.

“I’m John, you?”

“Hello there, John. I’m John also!” the man hollered out excitedly.

“That’s nice..” John responded, finding this man’s excitement to be misplaced. John is the most common first name after all.

“Need a ride, my lost friend?”

“Yeah... why not?” John muttered, knowing he needed a ride but not looking forward to the car ride with this strange man.

John proceeded to open up the door to the man’s car, and stepped in. He took off his coat, the heat was too much inside the man’s car. “Gonna shoot me up, are ya?” the man said, “I see your weaponry, son.” the man said.

“Wouldn’t waste a bullet, these guns are the difference between life and death for me and maybe I’m wrong, but you don’t seem the type to endanger my life.”

“Good point.” the man admitted.

The man turned the key and his car turned on with a hum. They closed their doors and began off.

The man tried to keep to himself, still kind of cautious of the guns to John’s sides. Every minute or two he would look over to John, waiting for him to say something, but each time he did so, nothing was said. Finally he turned to him quickly and said “Awfully quiet.”

“Yeah, I’m like that. Your not exactly Mr. Talk yourself.” John said subtly.

“Well, your a stranger to me.. I’m a stranger to you, perhaps in the company of others we would be more talkative.”

“Maybe you, not me.” John said.

“So, what are you doing out here in the desert?” the man asked.

“Oh, I just got lost is all.”

“No, seriously. Tell me.” the man commanded.

“I don’t have to tell you anything.” John argued.

“Oh, I think you do. Not only am I your only ride likely to pick you up, but I am an authority around these parts, your no one to make orders!” the man yelled.

“An authority around these parts? What are you an authority over? Cactuses?”

“Mr. Curtis, please don’t push it. Even if I told you what authority I was, you wouldn’t understand. Only 1% of the world would, the rest of you are just ignorant little children.”

“Proves how much you know, jackass. I’m from 70 years in your future, just minutes ago I traveled through time! TIME! Put that in your pipe and smoke it.”

The man quickly pulled off to the side of the road and came to an abrupt halt, breaks squealing, wheels burning. “Woah, captain. You should be a little easier on your transport.” John said awkwardly, not knowing why the man had stopped. All John knew was that he may have endangered his ride to town and that he was light headed from the overpowering smells of oil and burning rubber.

“Time traveler.. John Curtis..” the man said slowly, as if pondering his mind for a connection, as if he knew something but had learned it long ago. “Mr. John Curtis. I can’t believe I am in the presence of Mr. John Curtis.”

“Well drink it up, buddy. There’s only one of me and I tend not to stick around for long.”

“The great traveler, through time and otherwise. But.. your old. Your so old. I learned about you way back at the beginning of my time as an agent. They said you lived centuries ago but they warned that we are to stay alert for your name. I never really asked why.. I never really believed them.” the man said, cryptic in his speech.

“Old? Who’re you calling old, you relic. I’m not even 30 years old. I don’t know what your talking about, you aren’t making sense. I don’t know you, I don’t know anyone from 1947.”

“Ohh. I think I know what’s going on now. So tell me, Mr. Curtis, why are you in 1947.” the man asked curiously.

“That’s for me to know and you -”

“Cut that out! You might be great in the future but right now your nothing but a tadpole. I am an agent for an organization you will never hear about, I don’t expect you to or care if you trust me, but I can help you if you just tell me what’s going on.”

“Secret agent, huh? I bet your name isn’t even John.. John Smith. Is that where all the governments creativity goes? Into naming their agents such common names? Please.”

“Fine, forget about me being an agent. My name is Steve Smith and I, unlike you, am from this time period. If there is a place you need to go, something you need to know about, and so on, then I’m your man. Just once, could you stop being so obnoxious and just let a stranger help?”

John’s face dropped, he was overcome with a feeling of understanding. He nodded his head. “Okay. In the effort of exploring an abandoned government warehouse, which wasn’t far from where you picked me up in my time, I fell through something of a trap door. Inside was a mirror.. well a portal. I went through and a computer spoke to me..” John smiled “I call him Tom.” John then continued back focusing. “He said he got a transmission from some lady, she asked me to help so I decided I might as well.”

“Well that’s quite admirable that you would step into a great unknown in order to help someone way out of your time line.” Steve replied.

“Yeah, well Tom said she was hot and loaded so, that was the deciding factor.” John said, as if deflecting the compliment from Steve.

“Ahh, I see.. the rewards. So, who was this woman?”

“Her name is Rosalie. Which is a beautiful name, really.” John said softly, almost drifting into his imagination.

“Rosalie Woiss-Knight!?” Steve asked with a yell.

“Yes!” John said, mocking Steve. “Don’t get your panties in a twist.”

Suddenly the old fashioned car screeched sliding over off the road.

“What the hell are you doing!” John yelled out loud, scolding Steve for his driving.

Steve turned the key and the engines turned off. The humming of the car came to a stop and everything was silent.

“If Ms. Woiss-Knight has contacted you, that means it’s time..” Steve said cryptically. “I will tell you no more, it is for Rosalie to do now... I can take you to her.”

“Now that’s more like it, I guess I was lucky you picked me up.” John said, admitting his luck, which was hard for him. “When I get hitched up with this Rosalie, I’ll send a couple big ones your way.”

“That won’t be necessary.” Steve said. He started the car again and for the rest of the drive he acted very coldly, as if ignoring John’s very existence. John thought of saying something to loosen the mood, but each time he immediately felt uncomfortable, confronted by the blank face of his driver. It wasn’t long before he saw that they were going somewhere that others either didn’t dare to go or didn’t know existed. Underground, they went through a golden metal tunnel. John suddenly felt claustrophobic, he wasn’t sure if he could trust this Steve Smith, he held the gun at his right side, as if he were a child holding a stuffed bear. John was becoming so nervous that he was about to hyperventilate, but just before he hit the climax they came to the end of the tunnel, coming into a mansion, a huge house which was so well kept that it was hard to tell if it was lived in.

“These people have a road inside their house? I knew I was dealing with some odd ducks.” John said, partly curious and partly sarcastic to lighten the mood or more importantly, his mood. Steve said nothing, he didn’t even show a sign that he knew John was talking. The car came to a gradual stop, not as abrupt as before. John waited for something to be said, but no words came. Steve didn’t even look his way, it was as if Steve was alone in the car and he was but a ghost. A ghost in a time not his own and a place in which he was not familiar. John opened his door, reached around and got his things in the back seat and then got out, closing the door behind him. He took a couple steps back to see if Steve would notice him but suddenly the engine started, Steve put the car in reverse and he backed out at what must have been 80mph.

“Maybe he was late for something” John said, laughing to himself. Laughing into the darkness, not literal, but figurative, which he had been exposed to. John walked about, looking at the pictures on the wall, he didn’t recognize one single person, it was as if he were in a museum in some different reality, in a way, that was exactly what it was. “Woah” John said amazed. “That must be her..” John said aloud, looking at a portrait of an elegant, beautiful woman. “She’s... so - “
“I’m what, Mr. Curtis?” a womanly, gentle voice asked. John looked around to see where the voice had come from, the voice had come from a woman standing behind him, a few hundred feet away. It was Rosalie, but she wasn’t looking quite as she did in the portrait. By the look, she had just gotten out of the shower a bit beforehand, she stood barefoot with a large, fluffy towel wrapped around her chest and upper legs. Her hair had loose curls, it was brushed back and to the right side. She shined from the light of the house bouncing off of her wet skin, yet to be dried. Her cheeks were flushed, it was obvious to John that it wasn’t often she presented herself in such a way to a strange man.

“Rosalie Woiss-Knight?” John questioned, stunned by the utter beauty of her, and nervous at the sight of her bare skin. The thought of her being one step away from bare in his presence was causing his mind to become foggy and his stomach to flutter.

“Yeah. I take it that you got my message, I was hoping that all that power wasn’t used for nothing. The state was out of power for 3 days after the message was sent, the energy needed just isn’t concentrated enough.” Rosalie explained, the words seemed to roll off her tongue, she didn’t know what to say but that didn’t stop her from talking.

“Someone as beautiful as you has a mind so quick? That’s rare.” John said nervously, attempting to flatter her, but his voice was weak and didn’t match the words he spoke.

“Yeah, well, Roger my mentor has taught me everything I know. No knowledge I have now has been without the teaching of Roger.” Rosalie said, deflecting the compliment. As the time went on, she grew more and more nervous about her bareness in front of him, she couldn’t bare it anymore. “Uhhm, in fact you should see Roger, he can explain some things... I should probably go get dressed for the day, it’s late as it is”

“Oh, yeah, sure, that’s fine, good.” John blurted out, wanting to make sure Rosalie didn’t think him bad. “But uhh, where’s Roger?”

“See that hall down there?” Rosalie said, pointing toward the hall. Rosalie forgot for the slightest moment that she wasn’t wearing clothing and the towel came loose from her body. It slipped to the side and down a bit, exposing a part of her breast and her right leg. She quickly caught the towel and put it back tightly. “Go down the hall, go to the left, knock on the window.” Rosalie chanted outward quickly and immediately afterward ran to her room in embarrassment.

John turned around slowly and began to walk down the hall, he walked like a plane on autopilot, he was going to his destination but his mind was elsewhere. He couldn’t believe he had just seen what he had, it was by no means the first nakedness he had been exposed to, but it was the first time he had been exposed to nakedness where his reaction was not arousal, but amazement.

John got to the end of the hall and then recalled the order to go left, and so he turned his body and went down the left corridor. He took a big breath in, held it, and then let it go slowly. He had been so nervous, but now he realized he could relax. Soon he saw an office in the distance, hidden inside a box of blue glass. He arrived at the office, put his hands on the side of his head and put his face to the window to see in. He saw a collection of books, there must have been hundreds. He saw Rogers desk, ‘Roger A. Lynnfield’ marked on a name plate on top of the desk. He knocked on the glass and saw there was a chair in front of the office, so he sat down to wait. After 5 minutes he wondered if Roger wasn’t there or if he simply hadn’t heard his knock. So he got up and knocked on the window again.

“Sorry, I don’t think he’s here at the moment. I forgot he had something to do this morning.” Rosalie said approaching him. She apparently didn’t dress like she did in her portrait every day. She was still barefoot, but had a forest green shirt on, sleeves reaching just beyond the elbows. On her lower half she wore khaki-like shorts that went just below her knees. She was wearing mascara and a little bit of blush on her cheeks.

“Oh.. okay. So, umm..” John said nervously, he thought he had a chance to gather himself before he met with her next but he had spent that time fantasizing, and it had only made him more shy than before.

“There is a great deal you need to know, I can start now and soon Roger should be here.” Rosalie said, trying to act professionally. “First off, as you know, my name is Rosalie Woiss-Knight. I’m an heiress to the throne. You probably don’t know what throne that is, you haven’t gotten to that knowledge yet in your life. In America there is a president and senators and so on elected by the people, but underneath the layers there is a royal family that holds power in the way things go. To be honest, the deceit committed by my family over these long years makes me sick to my stomach. To think that the people believe in democracy and my family destroys it by running things secretly out of reach of the country.”

“So, there’s a royal family in America that secretly runs things behind closed doors?” John questioned, smiling as he spoke.

“Yes. Well, at least there was. When I was young my family plane was shot down by a group of rebels, it’s not that I blame them really, it’s just that I’m an orphan.. I grew up with no family..” Rosalie revealed coldly, it was obvious that she was pained in her heart, but she attempted to conceal it.

“I’m sorry.” John said, attempting to be compassionate, but coming out seemingly fake. “If your the last of your family, why aren’t you the queen? You said you were the heir, which implies that you aren’t in a position of power.”

“Yes indeed. Right now I could snap my fingers and I would be the queen of America, the last of my family. As I said, though, I don’t believe in what my family has done since America’s inception. I believe in what Mr. Washington, Mr. Jefferson and the other founding fathers believed could be the model for a country and perhaps one day we will reach that ideal, but as long as there is secret and hidden powers away from the public, that ideal will not be reached. So, I live my days here with Roger and Darren, my butler.”

John didn’t show it, but he was taken aback by the power of restraint that Rosalie showed in refusing unlimited power over the strongest country in the world simply because she believed in an ideal. “That’s quite admirable of you... Rosalie.” John said, trying to compliment her, something he wasn’t used to. It came out coldly, lacking the emotion that he really felt.

“You are much more than I am, more important that is.” Rosalie began.

“Wait, what does that mean?”

“Come here, I’ll show you.” Rosalie walked over to John and grabbed onto his gloved hand. She took out a key and unlocked Roger’s office. She walked him over to one of the bookshelves, there were books stacked in front of it, on top of it and inside of it, someone liked to read. Her hand reached up but the book shelf was too high. “Ugh.. John get down on all fours” she commanded.

“A bit bossy, aren’t you, your majesty?” John remarked as he moved down into position.

“If you drop me -”

“I won’t drop you. Just trust me.” John interrupted.

She stepped up onto him one foot at a time, he could feel her heels going into his back sharply, her toes then pressing down sharply to reach up. Then she walked herself back to the ground. John got up to one knee and then stood up to face her. She held a brown, old looking, dusty book .

“This book is the key to how I found you, Mr. Curtis. I can give you the outline but it’s Roger who understands it’s existence. This book was written by a far off ancestor of mine, it was a book constructed specifically for me for this day. Before this book was written, you met with my ancestor and you told him of an event that will happen in 2 days from today. You told him of me and the position I would be in, the state of the world as it is and how to contact you in this time.”

“This sounds like some sort of sci-fi story my Uncle Jim would read. It all sounds ridiculous. First of all, I’ve only traveled in time once, I never visited your ancestor, I didn’t know anything about you until very recently and I certainly don’t know why I’m here or about the state of things in this time.”

“I know, I know. Your confused because your a young and inexperienced version of the self that contacted my family. Here comes Roger now, he should be able to do a better job explaining than me.” Rosalie said simply.

“Ms. Woiss-Knight, your too modest. You’ve read all the books, you know what your talking about. Regardless, I will tell Sir John what he needs to know.” Roger announced, walking into the office.

“Sir John?” John wondered.

“Oh... right, you wouldn’t know but in the past or rather your future past, you are knighted by our family. I hope it doesn’t bother you that I use your honorific title.”

“By no means. Now I feel important like Rosalie.” John said, chuckling.

“So let’s begin. I’ll answer any question.” Roger said. Rosalie sat down and so did John. Rosalie scooted close to John and put her hand on his. John looked over at Rosalie and she became embarrassed, she took her hand away.

“No, it’s okay.” John said.

“No, I’m sorry.”

“Anyway..” Roger said, growing slightly impatient, he was a busy man.

“Alright. So, I only discovered the time machine today, or today in my time, this is my only travel and yet the book says I spoke with the Woiss-Knight family.”

“Affirmative. There was a portal to the time machine was there not? Upon entering the portal, the future and the past became open to your presence. In the future you meet Ms. Rosalie’s ancestors in the past, you were so well versed in all of this at that time that you figured out how to close the door and live in two ways at once. In sending the information back so that you in your past would receive it, it makes it so this book actually should not exist. Why? Because once you know the information, you will not need to pass it back again to your past self because you will have already fulfilled that purpose. You exist in many times and have died at least 100 times already, this incarnation of yourself is the last one.” Roger said.

“I don’t understand most of what you just said, but let’s see if I have the core parts. I opened the possibility of meeting her ancestors by walking through the portal and my future self met with her past ancestor. Shouldn’t the fact that I don’t need to go now make it so that the book isn’t there and I would never have gotten the message and blah, blah?” John asked.

“It’s not that simple. Things don’t just exist or not exist, there is more to it than that. Paradoxes don’t stop things, they just complicate them. For instance, you exist in hundreds of places on a time line, no one else does. You have been indirectly contacted by yourself from the future in the past, no one else has. Things aren’t as simple as stepping on butterflies, ripples are made, but are not always obvious. The fact that your here proves that.”

“Fair enough. So, why exactly am I here? What could be so important that I had to travel in time to meet someone from the past and tell them about the future so far ahead?” John wondered.

“Ah yes, always a man of action. Well, the thing is, we have the message but you need to be able to understand it because it uses knowledge that only a man of the future knows about.”

“Okay, shoot.” John requested.

Rosalie opened the book to a marked page, read it over and then began to read aloud. “On July the third, nineteen hundred and forty seven, in Roswell a saucer shall fly. The one who once stopped it is forever gone, so the traveling gunman shall knock it from the sky. Contact him you must so I beg that you trust my methods in which you’ll so do. The state he’ll save but much more the world, and repair the young orphan’s -” Rosalie stopped abruptly, blushing.

“Why’d you stop?” John asked.

“Ms. Rosalie, you must not hold back. I know that you don’t want to tell him, but it’s a necessary step.”

Rosalie looked back down at the page “and repair the young orphan’s heart like glue.” She closed the book and set it down on the desk.

“Ohh, I see now.” John said awkwardly, realizing the prophecy foretold a romance between himself and Rosalie. He looked over at her, it was hard to tell if she was blushing or if it was just the make up, but he saw her legs shivering slightly. She looked over at him and he looked into her eyes. He grabbed her hand gently and held it. “I’m right here. I’ll do what I can.”

“O-okay” Rosalie stuttered. She felt better, but wasn’t sure if he meant with the first part or the second part.

“So, Sir John, can you make any sense of it?” Roger asked.

“Well, I had always heard of this thing called the Roswell Incident. Some said it was a big silver space ship shaped like a saucer, but the government declined that there was any such thing. They said it was just a weather balloon. Some thought it was aliens..”

“Aliens? What do you mean by that?” Rosalie asked.

“Creatures from space, from out of the earth.”

“Are they kind?” she asked.

“No one knows. People haven’t been exposed to real aliens, there’s been a lot of fakes but none have been proven true. I wouldn’t have a clue, but we do know there aren’t aliens on the planets in our solar system. Creatures that have the ability to travel that far also have the ability to harm mankind, quite severely.” John replied.

“Today is the 1st of July and the day is half over. You have a day and a half before they come.” Roger said.

“But in my time nothing happened from it, it was just in the papers, gave people something to think about. No one was harmed.”

“Yes, but government holds the unknown close to their body. That’s probably why they said it was a weather balloon, since there was no need to, they didn’t tell the people the truth for fear that there would be chaos. As it said, there was someone who stopped it before, but something has happened to them.” Roger explained.

“Well why haven’t you tried to find him?” John said sharply.

“Because the book said to contact you before July 3rd 1947, so all these years this book has been kept in preparation for today.” Roger explained.

John opened his mouth as if to yell back but then halted and began to turn away. Rosalie grabbed onto his arm. “No, John, the world needs you.”

John turned and took her hands off of him and then looked her in the face. “This isn’t my world, my world is in the future, this is the past, this is your world, figure it out.” John turned and quickly began to walk away.

Rosalie began to run toward him but Roger grabbed onto her hand and led her back. She began to cry, Roger pulled her close and comforted her. “It’s okay Ms. Rosalie, it’s okay.. remember what it said in the book. This was said to be a possibility because we’re dealing with the un-disciplined young version of the great traveler. Let him go and he will come around.” Rosalie began to pull herself together, being reassured by Roger’s wisdom.

John walked down the hall, turned and headed toward the road in which he had come from. Why dare these people just place this on him? Sure, he had willingly traveled here but John hadn’t imagined himself in the position to stopping an alien encounter, a possible attack on the Earth. He was just a curious traveler, meddling where he likely didn’t belong and asking questions he may not have been wanted to know. He was brave, sure, but confronting people or snakes or old structures was incomparable to confronting unfamiliar creatures from unfamiliar places in the cosmos.

Maybe the aliens would be friendly like E.T or something, yeah, what if all this excitement is just a bunch of fear-mongering about something that could actually help the world. That’s right, humans have a hard enough time with this world, maybe creatures with scientific advances beyond the earth and years more time to grow could offer a lot to the human race. John was almost convinced of it now, convinced that his act of cowardice was well founded on logic and was the right thing to do. But then there was that Twilight Zone episode where the aliens claimed to be serving man but ended up literally serving them as food, but that’s just a silly sci-fi story. Then again, if someone had stopped this Roswell encounter before, there must have been some well founded reason.. well where was this guy anyway? This hero of the past, this untold strange man, where was he? Where had he gone? It was he who was the coward for avoiding his duty, not John. John was just a simple traveler, just a simple traveler lured in by temptations of lust and greed, nothing more.

John came to the end of the tunnel to the mansion and saw the sky above him, birds gliding above. It was dry and hot, but what more could you really expect of the region? John had been so certain of his decision, so articulate and wise it was in his mind. There were just these nagging thoughts in his head about what Roger and Rosalie said about his older self and the great deal that was done to prevent this disaster that was alleged to unfold soon. He kept hearing the gentle voice of Rosalie over and over.. ‘On July the third, nineteen hundred and forty seven, in Roswell a saucer shall fly.’ The words were almost arrogantly dancing across his mind. ‘The one who once stopped it is forever gone, so the traveling gunman shall knock it from the sky.’ Now almost scolding, the words as if mocking his cowardice, flaunting his failing. ‘Contact him you must so I beg that you trust my methods in which you’ll so do.’ He began to feel doubt in his decision, this part of what was said was confirmed, it really did happen, he really was contacted as the ancient book had instructed. He was sure there was a reason. ‘The state he’ll save but much more the world, and repair the young orphan’s heart like glue.’ And then suddenly he was struck with uncertainty, specifically, uncertainty of validity. It was not the words he questioned or who they came from, he questioned his ability to fulfill the ancient prophecy written by him.. for him.

He sat down on the side of the road and lifted his bag off of his shoulder, placing it on the ground in front of him. He opened the front pocket and reached in for his flask, he had always kept one with him, half filled with the strongest alcohol he could find. He pulled it out and twisted off the top, in anticipation of the drink he began to tip his head back but then immediately tipped it forward and lowered the flask. He cocked his head sideways and looked intensely into the pocket he had grabbed his drink out of, he saw an ancient looking device, old but still shining brightly. He noticed it’s blinking and then remembered.. he remembered that after he fell down into the abandoned government testing building, there was a cache of weapon-like artifacts, they looked nothing like he had ever seen. John screwed the top back on his flask and tossed it 20 feet away, he reached into the pocket and pulled out the device, looking at it, analyzing the details of it’s armored exterior. Could this be an alien weapon? It looked nothing like a human weapon, but perhaps it was from the future? No. That wasn’t it. He didn’t know why that wasn’t it, but he knew it wasn’t it. What he was holding in his hands was an alien weapon, an alien weapon that he had been clever enough to pick up before he traveled in time. Was that a coincidence or was that an impulse meant to serve him later? He wasn’t sure, but what was clear to him now was he wasn’t completely in the dark. Before he was just a traveler, just a man with guns, but what could guns do to an alien ship capable of traveling so far? He had a piece of technology no one else in this time had, but what he had even more was a chance, a change to fulfill the prophecy told to him by the orphan heiress, handed down by himself. It was in this moment that he realized himself and he began to feel overwhelmed with the feeling.

Suddenly John began to feel sick within himself. He began to violently vomit, he vomited to the side of himself 15 times in the matter of 2 minutes. He realized that this was no normal sickness, something was happening to him, was he dying? He wasn’t sure. He didn’t have the time to be sure, much less, time to think. Even though feeling incredibly weak, he realized that if he was in serious danger, if he was dying, his only chance was to go back to the mansion. He hobbled to his feet and picked up his bag, he put it on his shoulder as he took his first step. He was bent half over on his top half and his legs were as jelly as he walked, his knees slightly giving away with each step, struggling to carry his weight and the weight of the bag to his only realistic chance at refuge.

He reached the starting of the tunnel and vomited suddenly in front of himself, the shock to his system nearly brought him down to his knees, but he stubbornly resisted his body’s weakness and stepped to the side and then kept moving forward, attempting to go slow so not to pass out but also to go fast so not to die before he reached the mansion. If it was the last thing he did, he was going to reach the mansion and at least give Rosalie his secret weapon so that he would not leave the world to rot. He reached the end of the tunnel and began to see lights around him, the road turned to different colors and his own skin as well. He took a few more steps forward, he could see the light at the end of the tunnel, literally and figuratively, but he abruptly fell to his face, temporarily blacking out. All that was seen was darkness, the black from the back of his eyelids closed over his eyes. For the first few seconds the only constant was the darkness, there was no time and no space, just void. Then, out of the void and through the darkness there was a second constant to accompany the darkness, it was not a sight but a word and the word was ‘no’. The most defiant word of them all, ‘no’ John repeated over and over into his head, over and over in fact until the blackness began to lighten and the darkness began to fade and his senses began to reawaken. The first thing seen was the road below him, the first thing felt the pain of his body having hit the cement, the first he smelled was the blood running out of his nose and out of his mouth and taste was of blood too, but most of all the first thing he heard was his emphatic speech, still repeating ‘no’.

John managed to get his hands out from under him and place them on the side of his body, he slowly pushed himself up to one knee and then up to the other. He could see the blood run down himself in drops and sometimes heavy streams, but it was only peripheral. His eyes were locked on the end of the road, heading into the mansion. He was only steps away now. He can see a man standing in the opening, he can tell that he has been noticed but he cannot place who the man is.
“Oh my good heavens! It’s Mr. Curtis , he looks to be at deaths door. Rosalie, come quickly!” the voice was of a British accent, it certainly wasn’t the man named Roger he had met before. John heard the sounds of running feet approaching, Roger and Rosalie were running from Roger’s office.

“It’s alright, Darren, we’ve got him. Get some of your herbal tea and get a bed ready, John’s going to need it.” Roger said.

“John, what happened?” Rosalie asked.

“I-I-I’m, I’m going to ful-fulfill th-the prophecy, Rr-rr-Rosal-” John stuttered and before he was able to get it all out, he collapsed, falling into the arms of Roger and Rosalie. They put his arms around their necks and began to carry him to a spare room. They sat him on the bed and Rosalie felt his head.

“He’s burning up!” she exclaimed.

“Yes, I had a feeling this would happen. The touch of two versions of oneself immediately causes both to disappear into oblivion, but since John made indirect contact, the cause and effect is different. He is becoming sick because his body and mind are begin made to do a nearly impossible task, they are making the young and the old great traveler the same. His current self and future self are literally collapsing in on each other, becoming one.”

Rosalie began to strip the clothes off of John, they could only add more heat to the already overheated traveler. She struggled to remove his tight boots and then his socks, shirt and pants, leaving only his undergarments on his body. Roger and Rosalie lay him down onto the bed carefully. The door opens wider as Darren walks in with the tea and a few ice packs. They put one ice pack on John’s chest, one on his face, one on his stomach and one down by his legs and feet.

“Will he be alright? Should we phone a doctor?” Darren asked.

“No!” Rosalie and Roger yelled in unison. “If a doctor inspects him, he will not be able to figure out what is wrong with him, it will only bring unwanted attention to a man who isn’t supposed to live in this time period!” Roger explained.

“Well it was only an idea” Darren muttered. “Make me fix tea and then yell at me... nothing ever changes” he said jokingly as he left the room. He was a man who often had misplaced uses of humor, even in the most serious of moments he would make jokes which often caused his company to be offended or highly insulted. Roger and Rosalie knew, though, that his heart was in the right place, just not his mouth.

John opened his eyes slightly. “John! Stay awake. Can you hear me, John? John? Stay with me! Stay with me!” Rosalie said frantically.

“Keep up with that and I might just die to get away” John mumbled sarcastically, revealing a very faint smile.

Rosalie immediately perked up with a smile and a twinkle in her eye, a twinkle which soon led to a tear making a pathway from the corner of her eye, down her cheek. “Hang in there, John. I won’t leave you.”

“Good. I dun real-lay wantabe all-lone.” John barely got out in a sort of broken version of his speech.

Roger kissed the top of Rosalie’s head and rubbed her shoulder. “He’ll be alright.. I’ll be in my office, sweetheart.”

Rosalie sat there looking at a broken man, a man weak in body and in mind at that moment, the thought came to her mind that this was to be the man who was said to save the day, this was the man who was said to mend her heart and here he is in a heap before her, helpless and useless. Her hopes began to decrease as she thought more and more and remained observing the great traveler in his state of illness.

She grabbed the chair in the corner and brought it to the bed. She sat there lovingly, loyally, protectively. She had only met him once before but she had been told of his arrival since she was old enough to comprehend fairy tales. She knew him like a legend, like a myth, and to her that’s who he truly was, that’s who he was to become, but for now, in his weak state, she would protect him. She would protect the great protector when the great protector isn’t feeling so great. She loved him, not with romance, not with unwarranted compassion either, but she loved him as she had once loved the noble characters of her story books. Models of real greatness, but unlike all of them, this character was a real and true character. He was real, flesh and blood, and while that brought to a head great and wonderful things, it also brought to a head the possibility of his death. Tales of fake hero’s live forever though the hero’s themselves never lived at all, but real hero’s are fallible, their imperfect. While this brought it’s worries and fears, it also brought a whole new understanding of courage and bravery in the face of danger.

It was not long before Rosalie began to get tired, she began to doze and then she slowly fell asleep, bent over with her head on her arms and her arms on the bed. John hadn’t moved since his last words, not a muscle in his body and not a muscle in his face. He slept to rejuvenate, to become more of himself and he could do so in peace now that he was in good care, he could rest through the night and his entire self would adapt to where it needed to be in order to confront the challenge to come.

There was a movement of the bed and a subtle sound of movement on the ground, Rosalie noticed this in the midst of her sleep. She began to slowly awake, wondering what time it was, she saw that the sun was shining bright in the sky before, when she had fallen asleep it was setting. She slowly tried to rise and began to feel a pain in her back,what had she to expect after sleeping bent over on a bed for hours on end. She arched her back to relieve the tension and pain, her vertebrae's made slight popping sounds and then she sat up again. She looked down at the bed and John was nowhere to be seen. “John?... John?” Rosalie called out. She heard nothing. She stood up and began to walk as well as she could in her sleepiness out of the bedroom to see where he was at. “John?” She called out in the open house.

“Good morning, Ms. Rosalie. I saw John heading for the showers about 15 minutes ago. He seems to be feeling extraordinarily well. Why, it was just last night that he was so ill he had to be carried and today he looked as if he could run a marathon.” Darren responded.

“Fantastic. What time is it?” Rosalie said in an enthusiastic mood, but not a very enthusiastic voice.

“30 minutes passed five.” he answered.

“Oh boy, he’s an early riser.. “ Rosalie said, thinking about how that would compliment her late rising habits. “I guess if a man as sick as he was can get up so early, I might as well too. I don’t want to make him think he’s too much better than me.” she said, grinning. She had just taken a shower the afternoon before, but she always liked to look and smell her greatest.. plus maybe she could run into John in the process, she thought.

Before she could think of anything else, a partially bare John came running out of the bathroom areas with a great smile upon his face. He had his pants on but was bare otherwise. “Ms. Woiss-Knight, my dear, sleep well, did you?” John called out, running to her.

“John, your not sick anymore!” Rosalie yelled. John ran right up to her, clasped his arms around her lower back, lifted her up and span around in a circle. He put her down, put one arm around her back and one hand on her hand and began to lead her to the side and then the other side and then he stopped and twirled her in place. “Wooo! You’ve got moves, Mr. Curtis!” she exclaimed.

“So sorry it took me so long to truly arrive, Madam. You are speaking to the full version of the great traveler, John Curtis. The man of the myths, the legends, the stories, the man who wrote the book you possess.” John revealed. “I just want to say one thing before we get started with the planning and so forth.. have you got any apple pie?”

Rosalie stood there with a confused look upon her face, then she remembered that the stories did say the great traveler was quite odd. She sprung up with a smile and said “Yup, c’mon I’ll get you some and we’ll talk about all this.”

They raced eachother into the kitchen and Rosalie pulled out the pie and a pie cutter. “Milk?” she asked.

“Can’t have pie without it!” he exclaimed.

She cut a piece and put it on a plate, then slid it over to him on the other end of the table. She got a glass out and poured milk into it nearly to the brim and walked it over to him. “Brilliant! Thank you kindly.” John bellowed.

Rosalie sat at the opposite end of the table from him. “No, no, come sit over here.” he said, motioning for her to sit next to him. She got up and quickly went over to sit by him. “Excellent. Now then, where should I start?” he asked and then pondered. “Well, the first thing is a question, do we have cooperation with the government?”

“Most of the higher ups don’t believe a word of what I say, but we have some well-placed sources who have trust in my family. They will contact us when it’s time to act.”

“Splendid! Saves a lot of our time to plan instead of playing scavenger hunt.” John said cheerfully. “Now then, I should probably tell you that I have a secret weapon. It’s alien technology, I would think it would have more affect than these babies.” he said, pulling his pistols out of their holsters which still sit on his thighs.

“Where on earth did you get it from?” Rosalie said.

“Well, it was in the underground of an abandoned government testing warehouse, the same place where I found the time machine. There were tons of them there, but I picked this one.” he said, pulling the alien weapon out of his bag. “Earlier this morning I was fiddling with it and found out it has several functions. I haven’t found the weapon part of it yet, all I found was what appeared to be a translator.” he said.

“Earlier? Just how early did you get up this morning?” Rosalie asked, astonished.

“The final thing I need to say is that I can’t do this alone. Even I, the great traveler, work better with a partner than alone. Do you know of anyone who could accompany me?”

Rosalie began to think to herself about his request for a partner and then responded. “Yes I do.” Just then Roger walked into the room, hearing what John had just requested. “Your looking at her.” Rosalie said in response to John’s question.

“Oh I don’t think so, Rosalie!” Roger yelled worryingly. “This man is the man to do the job, you can’t get involved in this, you’ll get killed!”

“All my life I’ve just been hanging around this house waiting for him to come, waiting for him to fulfill his prophecy and now your telling me that I am to let him go on his own? Remember last night? John isn’t Godly, he’s an extraordinary man for sure, but that’s what he is, a man. If I don’t go with him and he dies, how can I forgive myself for his death? Much less for the state of the world should he fail!?”

Roger looked uneasy, but it was obvious that he was awakened to the points she made. She was right and he knew it, but he loved her like his daughter, how could he forgive himself if he let her go and she was killed? He realized then that he would have to choose, choose between the possibility of his guilt and suffering or her guilt and suffering. To him, that wasn’t much of a decision to make, he loved her far too much to hold her back. If she died, she would go down valiantly, but if John died, she would live on in constant pain. “Your right, Rosalie. I’m so proud of you for being so brave, your absolutely right. It is your destiny to go with John, I can’t stand in the way of that.” he said with his voice broken with emotion.

Rosalie ran over to Roger and embraced him lovingly. She kissed him on the cheek and smiled at her caregiver who was always like a father to her. “I’ve got to get my gear ready, I can’t be unprepared even if we do have a day!” she yelled out excitedly. She ran off to her room. “There she goes, Roger. You did the right thing, my friend. I’m very proud.” John said kindly, patting Roger on the back. John ran off to Rosalie’s room to see what she was up to.

Before he could get there she came bolting out with arms full of clothing and things. She sat cross legged in the middle of the house and put it all on the floor in front of her. She then stood up and put on a pair of black boots long enough to reach the ending of her pants. She laced them up and then put on a pair of black gloves, long gloves that reached almost to her elbows. She bent down and picked up an aqua middle-long jacket and put it on. Then she took a hair band and put her hair up in a pony tail. “Here” John said, undoing one of his guns and equipment off his leg. He tossed it over to her.

“Thanks.” she said as she looped it around her leg and clasped it onto her for easy access. She then bent down to a bag she had and unzipped it, pulling out a large gun with loads of ammunition. She put the ammunition over her like a pageant banner and put the large gun on her side with a strap around her leg.

John stood with his mouth agape “If I knew you had that thing I wouldn’t have given you my pistol.”

“Oh come on, you’ve got an alien weapon that could make this look like a water gun.” she said laughing.

“True enough.” John said. “What’s that?” he asked, there was a distant humming sound that gradually increased in loudness. A car pulled into the mansion, it was a black car with tinted windows. The doors opened and two men stepped out, one tall with a slim body and chiseled face and one that was about average heigh and slightly chubby.

“Steve Smith, good to see you again!” John yelled warmly.

“Mr. Curtis, I trust you’ll be staying for the long haul?” the tall man said.

“Yes indeed. Can’t always escape your duties, can’t always run from your fears.”

“It is him, the great traveler” the short man muttered with awe.

“The one and only. Pardon my ignorance, but who are you?” John asked.

“I am Agent 3497851∆12.” the man announced. John stared at him with confusion.

“We don’t have names, Mr. Curtis. This world likes to document things like names and match them to faces, our agency doesn’t wish to be known and thus we can’t go about with names. I have probably a thousand aliases.” Smith said.

“You could have just told me that.” John said, feeling a bit foolish for being tricked.

“I didn’t know who you were at first, I couldn’t just go around telling everyone I met that I’m Agent 3497851∆11, they would think I was a madman.”

“You know what? I’m just going to call you Agent 11” John said pointing at the tall man “and I’m going to called you Agent 12” he said pointing at the shorter man. Agent 12 half smiled and Agent 11 looked at Rosalie as if to ask her what was the matter with John. She smiled and slightly shrugged her shoulders, Agent 11 smiled back.

“Can I interest anyone in a cup of tea?” Darren asked abruptly, breaking the tension. Roger, Rosalie, John and both agents assembled in the kitchen, sitting around the large table with their tea.

“So, nameless agents of a nameless agency. I take it your here to discuss the upcoming situation in Roswell.” John deducted.

“Yes sir. Agent 11 and myself are to set off for Roswell right after this meeting, we will be watching for the U.F.O.” Agent 12 answered.

“The only problem is that the region where the U.F.O. is said to appear is far from a telephone, we won’t be able to contact you by ordinary means.” said Agent 11.

“Ordinary means?” Rosalie asked.

Agent 11 and 12 in perfect simultaneity reached into their pockets and pulled out slender, silver devices. “These are called far phones, they allow the users to call each other from any point on earth with no cords needed.” they said at exactly the same time.

“Let me see that” John said, grabbing the phone “this is called a cell phone, we have these back in my time period. At least get your facts right, secret Agents.”

“These two are for you, John and you, Rosalie. If you should be separate from each other, you can call. Agent 11 and myself have one of our own which we will use to contact you when the time has come that you are needed.” Agent 12 explained. As soon as the words left his mouth both agents stood up in unison, tipped their hats and walked to their car. It was distant but they heard the ignition of the engine and the car driving off at high speed. Suddenly there was a beeping jingle sound filling the room.

“For goodness sakes, what is that!” Roger yelped.

“Calm down, Roger. It’s just the phone.” John said, laughing. He opened the phone and answered. “Hello?”

“There is an airplane in the backyard.” Agent 11’s voice said just before hanging up. John closed the phone.

“What is it?” Rosalie asked.

“There’s an airplane in the backyard.”

“Oh..” she answered. “Do you know how to fly an airplane?”

“I took flying lessons a few years ago.”

“Oh, good.” She said, relieved.

That night John laid in his bed awake, struck by insomnia that one can expect in one who was meant to face unknown odds the next day. These may be among his last moments alive, he didn’t know. Then there was a knock on his door. “Who is it?” he called out.

“It’s me.” Rosalie said. “Can I come in?”

“Of course, yes” he said, jumping out of bed to get the door.

“I’m scared, John. Not for me or you, but for the world. If we fail, who knows what will become of it.” she said, beginning to cry.

“I fear the same, I know, I know.” John said, leading her over to his bed to sit down. “All that we can do is try our best. Remember that with you and me and our secret weapon, we have the advantage. They’re coming onto our land, we have the advantage.” His words were meant to reassure Rosalie, but subsequently he found his words were inspiring him as well. “We should get some sleep.”

They laid down onto the bed and soon after fell asleep. Only a few hours after they both awoke to a beeping jingle, it was the phone. “Here we go, Rosalie.” John said. They both got their gear assembled as quickly as they could. Boots on, gloves on, jacket, bag, guns, ammunition. They ran out of the room and into the open area.

“It’s time!” Rosalie yelled.

“Good heavens! You nearly scared me to death. It’s 15 passed 2 in the morning for God’s sake.” Darren complained.

“Take good care of Roger for me while I’m gone!” Rosalie instructed Darren. They ran out the backyard and got into the small aircraft.

“Oh boy, lots and lots of buttons. Think, think, think.” John said nervously. “Here we go” he said as they began to move forward. “C’mon, c’mon”

“Up we go!” Rosalie yelled as they lifted up into the air.

It only took a few minutes before the alien spacecraft was spotted. “Oh my God, it’s literally a saucer? Capable of all that travel and the best they come up with is a saucer?” Rosalie laughed.

“Lots of the other so called U.F.O’s can be explained away, simply hoaxes or normal phenomenon, but this baby is hovering right before us, Rosalie. I’ll never let anyone tell me we’re alone in the universe again!”

A sharp sound screeched out. “What was that!?” Rosalie yelled.

“We’ve been hit, the saucer saw us coming. I don’t know what to do.”

“I thought you took flying lessons!”

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