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Rowan Huntley

Rowan Huntley

By Rmabey

Story - Rowan Huntley. Freelance Crime Reporter.

By - Ross Mabey.

Rowan Huntley, freelance crime reporter, is a rugged, handsome individual, he is in his early 40’s about 183 cm (6 feet tall) he is divorced. At the present time he is seriously courting Angela his longtime girlfriend, with the view to getting married and having kids. Angela, is in her late 20’s, she was about 177 cm (5 feet 8 inches) tall, she is a good looking girl, with blonde hair, blue eyes, with nice curves in the right places and with a friendly personality to go with it and is madly in love with Rowan.

Angela’s 23 year old sister Margo is the girlfriend of a local drug lord Alex Peversio. He is a weedy runt of a guy about 158 cm (5 feet 2 inches), dark complexion, ethnicity unknown, who was slowly turning Margo into an addict.

Angela is very concerned about her younger sister. Who she has repeatedly implored, not to get mixed up with Alex, but to no avail. There were only the two of them, since their mum died in a car accident and their dad had since remarried. His new wife is a cold hearted woman, who was 5 years his senior and wanted nothing to do with his family.

Angela wanted Rowan to do an expose’ on sleazy Alex, but Rowan had known of people, who had disappeared, if they crossed Alex. Besides which Angela would never forgive him if anything happened to Margo. So what should he do? It was also rumoured, that Alex had some politicians and police on his payroll.

Indecision and procrastination, were the enemies of action. Rowan broke out in a cold sweat the longer he thought about it. He really loved Angela and didn’t want to lose her. What a predicament, to lose his girlfriend, if he did nothing. in Angela’s eyes, if anything happened to Margot, he would be to blame. He understood that much about female logic. A no win situation.

Eventually he came to a decision, he would consult his old friend detective inspector Beasley, a guy in his mid 50’s, who looked as though he had seen it all. He was about 5 feet 10 inches tall, greying at the temples,bald on top and a few kilos overweight.

After all he had given him some tip offs over the last few years. He knew he could trust him completely. So he called Beasley and made an appointment to meet him at the Coffee House on the edge of the National Park, as he was not sure how safe, it was at Police HQ. As Alex, the drug lord, may have had his spies there.

They met at in a private room at the Coffee House. The Coffee House interior was of a period, setting dating back to the mid 1800’s, with a crystal hand cut vase with a single long stemmed red rose, on each aged oak table. The waitress’s were dressed in period costumes adding to the ambiance. It was a popular place for tourists, but the locals avoided it, mainly because they charged exorbitant prices. Beasley, knew the owner so he would get a discount on anything purchased. He could write these off to work related expenses.

They talked for nearly three hours, specifically on how they could entrap Alex in a situation where it was impossible for him to escape imprisonment. They would have to be careful who they talked to, about the plan they had devised, because of Alex’s connections. It had to be a watertight case so that there were little and/or no grounds for appeal. Also, their meetings were only known to a very few trusted people, so that there could be no hint of entrapment.

The plan involved the purchase of drugs directly from Alex which is something that Alex did not usually do himself, hence the reason that it was difficult to pin anything on him. He always had an answer if questioned. Usually he would say, that an investment paid off, if asked. Also, the value of the drugs had to be of a significant amount to get him interested, so that he could not trust anyone else, to carry it out.

After months of meticulous planning and secret meetings at various locations

they came finally up with a plan that they thought would attract Alex.

To secure the funds that were needed to make legitimate case was a major stumbling block, that they finally overcame when they secretly approached the father of one of Alex’s victims, who was a Banker and was willing to put up the funds required.

The scene was set, true to form. Alex, not trusting anyone else to do a drug deal of this of this size, personally got involved in the purchase of the drugs. He insisted on being paid in cash, with unmarked banknotes of various denominations. Unknown to Alex the serial number on each note was recorded (a laborious task).

Pure greed had affected Alex’s normal caution and judgement. He was caught in the

carefully laid trap that Huntley and Beasley had laid. He was arrested at the scene of the drug deal. The evidence was weighed heavily against him. Don’t expect to see Alex free again, for a very long time.

As for Margo, she turned state's evidence and gave them invaluable information which further sealed Alex’s fate, to a life of imprisonment.

Copyright © 2018 Ross Mabey.

Written November-December 2018.



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9 Dec, 2018
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