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By PandaBearLove101

My life is amazing. 
People love me, and I love them. I'm friendly and do my best to try to get along with everyone and I succeed. I walk through the halls with a smile on my face. 
Today, when I entered the halls everything felt different. Nobody waved or smiled hello to me. I felt ignored. 
"Hi Hilary!" I waved. She just glanced at me and turned away. I chased after her. I pulled her back.
"Something wrong?" she gave me a look telling me not to talk to her. I let go and stood there in shock as she walked away looking embarrassed. What just happened? Hilary and I are good friends. Did I do something wrong? 
That kind of brought my day and smile down but I'm still being strong! "Maybe Hilary's just not having a good day. I'll just talk to her when she's ready." I thought. 
I walked to my locker and heard people whispering behind me. I ignored them. Some even giggled when they passed me. As I shut my locker someone in the crowd screamed "Bitch!", I turned around, and people shook their heads at me. 
I started tearing up but made it look like I was yawning. I slowly walked to class with my head down. "Aw, Miss Sunshine havin' a bad day?" someone teased. I shoved through the halls trying to ignore the sounds. 
Everyone saw me as the sweet, nice, girl who smiles everyday. The girl who's willing to help and be there for anyone. The girl most guys want. The girl everyone loves... I admit, that is kind of true. But then why would everyone be so mean? I was confused. 
I got in my class and the few people who were already in there stopped everything and froze. They all looked at me. The teacher wasn't in the room at the moment. "Um, can you please stop staring at me?" I fake smiled. Everyone else just rolled their eyes and ignored me. 

After class, when I got to my locker, I opened it and so much little notes and papers fell out! They each said something like "Leilani I hate you! Die." or something along those lines. Tears fell as I threw all the notes in the garbage. I didn't even know half of those people!...
I walked into my class with puffy eyes. People could tell I've been crying. Today for the first time I sat in the back. I put my head down and tried to let tears our slowly. I felt a tap on my head. I looked up, it was 
Mr. Prolin...
"Are you alright, Leilani?" 
"Y-Yes." I had to lie, everyone turned their heads towards me. 
"There must be something wrong.  You always have a smile on your face! What happened?" 
I sighed. "Nothing." I groaned. 
"Okay, fine." he walked away shaking his head. I looked to the person next to me on my left. I smiled at them and they looked away. My stomach turned. I tapped their shoulder. They slapped my hand away. I sighed. Why is this happening? 

I texted Hilary. 
"Hi Hilary."
"Uhh... Yeah?" 
"Why does everyone hate me? Including you, my own best friend who is embarrassed to be seen with me."
"-_- Dude, u made poor Stacey kill herself! U deserve 2 b hated!" 
"WHAT?! No I did NOT! I wouldn't do such a thing!"
"Well that's what everyone's saying..."
"Hilary, everyone knows me. I wouldn't ever do something like that. I can't believe you'd be so blind."
"Ur rite.. im so srry Leilani!" 
I sighed, I always forgave her no matter how hard she hurt me. This time was different. I texted, 
"I need time to think. I'll talk to you tomorrow, maybe." 

I walked to Stacey's house. I felt sad inside wondering why she had killed herself. I knocked on the door. Stacey's mom answered. 
"Hi Ms. Romero! May I come in?" 
"Of course Leilani."
After we passed the polite greetings and such then we talked. 
"Look, I am so sorry for your loss! Stacey was a good friend of mine. Do you have any idea as to why she killed herself?" 
"Killed herself?! Stacey is alive! Why would you think she's dead?"
I told Ms. Moreno the whole story. I saw sympathy in her eyes.
"Leilani, I'm so sorry..." 
"It's alright. I wanted to come her to get the whole story." I said laughing nervously. 
Down the stairs she came. She was alive! Not dead?! 
"Ugh... Why is she here?" 
"Wait... I thought we were friends Stacey..." 
"No! We aren't! I hate you." 
"But why?!"
"Cause what?"
"Yes you! People love you! You're skinny and beautiful! You're athletic, smart, and all the guys want you! You're popular and kind! Everything I've always wanted to be..." she said crying. 
"Stacey," I said patting her on the back. "You shouldn't be jealous of me. You should love yourself for who you are. And there is NO excuse to go to the point to lie about suicide! Suicide is a real issue, not some joke." 
She wiped her tears and pulled herself together. Stacey's mom left the room.
"Look Leilani, that's only easy for you to say since you've got the good life!"
I groaned. "Okay, I'm going to try the tough love approach. Look, I didn't always have the good life. I may be who I am today, but that's only because I worked my way up here. I was a skinny stick with so much acne, who wore glasses and had bad grades with no friends. Now look at me. I'm doing yoga to help build muscle and keep me fit, I got a better studying habit, I made friends! I'm recovering from depression, insomnia, anxiety problems, etc. I did all this myself! Instead of saying I want say I WILL. Don't sit around and complain, do something about it." she was silent for a bit.
"You're right."

I went to school that day, more confident then ever. I already knew what was going to happen. People were going to treat me like trash again. But something came up, there was an assembly. Nobody sat by me, it was so embarrassing as I'm not used to this isolation. 
"Students, I have good news." the principle said as we were all seated. 
"Stacey Romero is not dead." everyone cheered and clapped, they all looked at me confused. Then I saw Stacey come to the front to speak. 
"Hello Everyone." she said nervously. "I realized what I have done is wrong. Faking suicide is awful and sick of me and I apologize. Leilani, I want to apologize to you. You were a good friend, and I turned on you lying to everyone; making your life miserable. You don't deserve that, no one does. I just want to thank you for coming to my house yesterday and making me realize everything. You gave me confidence. As to everyone else, I'm not dead as you can see. You might not all treat me the same, you might all hate me for lying, but I know I'll always have Leilani. Thank you." I smiled as everyone else clapped. I saw some of my old friends come and sit with me. Things were finally cleared up. 

In my freshman year of college, I met Stacey again. She was a whole new person. She was skinnier and fit. She did look a lot beautiful and seemed nicer. All the guys wanted her and she had plenty of friends. She did turn out to be everything she's always wanted to be. 

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6 Feb, 2012
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