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Run till you die
Run till you die

Run till you die

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"Today had been a long day" Emma said as she walked home from school carrying her umbrella. "It's raining hard today" she continued, lightning strikes then thunder sounds come crackling down to the earth. "It's getting dark too" Emma says. Emma pulls out her phone wile she walks home, when all of the sudden, she sees a reflection of a person on her phone!

Emma turns her head as fast as possible, but she doesnt see anything. Emma takes a deep breath, more lightning, more thunder. As Emma keeps walking she hears, a soud, a voice. It's very quite, but loud anuff to hear.

"One life, one life, who shall it be?"

Emma looks around in confussion, theres no one there. But then, right after she heard the voice lightning struck a nearby kid. Emma screams in fear, she puts her phone in her pocket and runs like never before. She gets to her bus stop to go home, she takes the city busses to get home. Then, she hears the voice again, this time, it says,

"Two lives, two lives, who shall they be?"

Emma gets scared, "Now two more people?" she says in her mind, then a tree falls onto two little kids squishing them like tammatoes. Emma cries, she doesn't want to die. She dicides to play on her phone to get her mind off things. She opens up her phone when she sees the reflection of the same person as before. Emma panics, she turns around, no one. She turns back to her phone, the screen breaks out of nowhere. Now she's really scared, then, she hears the voice again.

"Three lives, three lives, who shall they be?"

"SHUT UP!" Emma screams on the bus, a lot of people turn and look at her like she's crazy. Then the lights flicker

"You will play my game, my fun game of hide and seek."

Emma covers her mouth, then the bus tires pop and another car crashes into the bus! The bus tilts and falls on its side a lot of people excape. Emma bangs on the window and gets out.

"This is to easy, lets tuffen this up, HIDE, HIDE!"

Emma stops, and looks around. She runs into town where stores are, its still raining very hard. She passes by a mirror and sees that same reflection.

"Twenty people, twenty people, who shall they be?"

Emma keeps running, twenty people die and fall to the ground. Then, Emma runs into someone, "Oh, sry si-" Emma stops, and screams. It was the same person from the reflections, it pulls out a knife

"Found you, I win!"

Emma died that night, and was never seen again

Author Notes: Thanks for reading, im very new to this, but Im working on that.

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13 Apr, 2021
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2 mins
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