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By f-girl4444

I ran.

As fast as I could.

I didn't care where, just away from here. Out of this maze.

Away from the monster. The monster that takes you in and nearly crushes you under it's grasp until it brings you into despair and helplessness. You can try to fight it. You can try to smite it. You can try to outwit it. Only few escape it's grasp.

I heard it's roar close behind. My feet pound against the hard ground, my heart pounding. I was almost out of this dark maze.

I then saw it. The center of the maze. The bright lights of reliefs. I jumped. But I couldn't move. I fell in my front, look at my foot as I rolled to my back. I then saw it.

It had captured me. The terrifying monster that is dreaded through life.

The monster squeezed me in his giant fist and I wheezed. I attempted to wriggle and wry free. Nothing worked. I tried to punch it, but it just squeezed me harder.

I looked at my hands. I then saw it.

It was a silver dagger with a long blade and short handle. 

Without thinking, I used all my force, and jabbed it into the monster in the stomach. It flinched, but didn't move. I jabbed again. It didn't move. 
I jabbed it one more time, and it dropped me and I scraped my knee. I winced but I kept moving. I ran as fast as I could, and I reached the center of the maze.

I was free.

I was away from the monster named....


Author Notes: This is a decent short story that I wrote about my depression through out the summer.

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12 Nov, 2015
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