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S.I Unit of 'Strength'
S.I Unit of 'Strength'

S.I Unit of 'Strength'


So my question is, in what do we measure our strength if at all we have any? what is the S.I unit?

Does our strength shines through our ability to hold it all in and not let it slip out of our heart. Or is it in our ability to let it run loose around us from time to time , getting the burden off our chest , letting those tears trickle down our face and our shoulders shake uncontrollably.

Strength? Yes, right. That's my question. Will our not keeping it together make us look weak in other's eye or will it speak of our courage to let our deep emotions be out and free. Does strength lie in here? Or does it stay closer to where we can give ourselves the minutes to let our heavy heart weigh us down so that we can build ourselves up again.

Author Notes: The things which don’t break us, make us stronger. Thus, in my opinion letting go off our control over our emotions every once in a while is bravery.

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1 Aug, 2018
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