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Sad Love
Sad Love

Sad Love


There was a little boy, and he had a crush on a girl in 7th Grade. The boy was one year younger then this girl and his friends said he had no chance of being with her, but he decided not to listen and to keep following his dreams.
He never had the courage to tell the girl that he had a crush on her. At the end of that school year he finally gave her a note and he started to text her.
The boy had really fallen in love with her that summer and told her that he loved her but she did not want to listen to him, so after that their friendship had ended.

That summer he felt awful and empty and just waited until school had started, which to him felt like an eternity.
Then school started and he was in the same class as her that year, and he still loved her but did not know how to express his love for her.
He decided to write a note that said he was sorry for hurting her, that same day she forgave him and now they are becoming friends again.

So the theme of this story is, if you think there is someone special in the world to you, then just tell them how you feel but take your relationship slow.

Author Notes: The boy in this story had so many feelings, and now he is a living a good life. The boy in this story is me.

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20 Sep, 2018
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1 min
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