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Sad Story!

Sad Story!

By 96lw15 - 3 Reviews

There was this family.

They were the happiest little family ever!

In this family there was a little boy who was 8 years old...

His name was Kevin...

And there was a little girl who was only 6...

She loved her brother lots, but she thought that her brother hated her,

Her name was Lily...

Kevin always bothered his sister, one day they were in a car...

They were happy ... But that happiness DID NOT last long,

Because one guy, decided to commit suicide that day by crashing his car,

And there is was... *BOOM*

The parents died in the car but the kids were sent to hospital,

The police decided that the kids should be sent to the orphans house...

This is when Kevin decides that he doesn't want to go,

So him and Lily escaped from the hospital that night.

They spent every night beside the garbage at a very dark place,

"Why can't we just go to the orphans house?" The little girl asked.

"Because I do not want to live with strangers!"

"If you don't want to be here then go away!! To those cops!!" Kevin screamed.

Little Lily was crying,

Some men heard Lily's cry and found the kids...

"Hey kids, are you lost?"

Kevin told them everything.

The guys took them to their house,

Lily couldn't understand why the guys let them live in their house for free...

His brother came back one night with scarves in his face,

After 2 years ... Kevin became meaner and meaner to his little sister everyday,

He was 10 years old now. His sister didn't know what he was going through for her!

He knew he should sacrifise himself for his sister,

So he sold drugs for people and himself,

He was a little boy when he did something wrong people would hit him,

But he always smiled for his sister...

One day Lily had enough so she followed her brother...

She saw her brother with 2 men and the men noticed her and wanted her...

But her brother tried his best to stop those men, he held his sister's hand...

Suddenly ... A guy pushed the girl into the road, a car came and...

*BOOM* The little girl opened her eyes and saw her brother bleeding...

He saved her life, In the hospital nobody told the girl anything...

When she went inside Kevin said...

"I am sorry...t...o...leave you! Why couldn't we just go to the orphans house? Then we would've been okay!"

The little girl cried and said "I didn't want us to be seperated!

Kevin said in pain "Don't cry! I am going" *SILENCE*...

"NO! KEVIN, WAKE UP!" She screamed... "Why won't you wake up? If you will wake up then I promise I won't cry if you bother me. Please wake up!!! I'll do any...anything..."

Little Kevin who was only 10 died...

Lily went to the orphans house and was upset for the rest of her life...


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About The Author
About This Story
29 Feb, 2012
Read Time
2 mins
4.7 (3 reviews)

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