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Sadistic Whispers

Sadistic Whispers

By WhiteLace - 1 Review

Sadistic Whispers :

Every human being has what they would consider darkness. Some just choose to see it differently or they choose to hide it and never think about it, but the truth is it is always there and it is always whispering to us.
Whispers like a knife going into another person, whispers like that fresh rush of orgasm you have when you know that the person you’re sleeping with isn’t the person you’re married to. It’s a secret that everybody has at least one of that not a living soul on the planet will ever know about. But some secrets go much deeper and much darker then others and those are the secrets that the whispers keep reminding us of. The fun we have being human.
I have a secret too. But my secret is so unbelievable that no one can hear it without shivering.
“Come on tell me”! Kai whined.
“I can’t tell you, it will make your ears bleed and your skin turn to ice.” Nako said to the sniffling little seven year old girl pulling on his shirt.
“You’re stupid! I’m not a little kid I can handle it.” Kai said in a huff and let go of her cousin’s shirt.
“Just forget about it and go to bed.” Nako said turning off the lights to his cousin’s room. Kai was the kind of child that couldn’t let anything go, especially if there was a secret she didn’t know. So later in the night when the moon was full and bright she walked quietly to her cousin’s room to read his journal. She had to know his secret it was burning inside her. When she reached the tall slider door and slipped it open Nako was no where to be found and sadly neither was his journal. “That idiot where is her”? Kai said quietly to herself. She noticed his window was open and she crept towards the sill. The moon was shining intensely in the deep darkness of the night and everything outside seemed at rest and serene.
The problem was it was to at rest outside. “Not even wind” Kai said sticking her finger out the window. “So if there is no winds how are the trees moving”? Kai squinted to try to see. As she peered over into the woods finally a sound was heard, but this was a sound that no one wants to hear. Kai could feel her heart beat faster as the sound got louder. A tear streamed down her face the sound was right in her back yard. She couldn’t move her feet wouldn’t let her. The shadows in the room began mixing with the whispers of the night and suddenly they were all around her. Her knees gave way underneath her; she sank to the floor and cried fiercely. Kai turned into a small seven year old who didn’t want to be brave anymore she just wanted her cousin.
She had her head tucked in her knees waiting for the dark whispers to consume her. The hand on her back was the final straw she screamed and the scared little seven year old girl wet her pants from fright.
“Kai It’s me!” Nako said pulling Kai’s face toward him. She flung her arms around his neck. “Where were you”? She asked in between sobs.
“I was in the bathroom. What are you doing in here?” He asked with concern
“I wanted to know your secret so I was going to read your journal. But you were gone and then the whispers came. They are right outside!” She started to scream.
“Kai stop screaming. There is nothing outside.” Nako said half shaking his tiny cousin.
He soon got her calmed down, washed up and put back to bed. Midnight rolled around, and Kai was restless. The shadows whispered in her mind. “I will eat your soul” She sat up in bed and watched the forest outside her own window for movement. “Stupid Nako this is his entire fault! Why couldn’t he just tell me his secret? Then all of these crazy things wouldn’t be going through my head!” She said infuriated. “I should give him a piece of my mind!” Fists clenched she was back as the brave seven year old. She bounced out of bed and with a daring face again went to find her cousin. The small house was quiet at bed time. “I will eat your soul” A whisper floated in the air around the hallway Kai was walking in. She froze and shook a little but continued on with bravery. “I am not afraid.” She told herself.
A light flickered in the distance. A drawn down candle was the only light piercing the spare room. Hardly anyone used that room; it was always dusty and sparse. She inhaled and held her breath all the way to the open door. Little by little she peered inside. The breath she was holding claimed her throat, her skin went cold and red trailed down her nose and the side of her head. In the light of the candle she saw it, her cousin’s secret. His bright blue eyes gleamed in the darkness and his ivory white teeth were half covered in blood, and a broken human body lying underneath him. He was responsible for all of the killings; he was the demon she feared would come out of the woods.
“I will eat your soul” Was the last whisper she heard before she fell to the floor in blackness.

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26 Oct, 2009
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