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Sadness at the Sunset

Sadness at the Sunset

By ria18

They sat on the beach with the wind brushing past their faces as they watched the sun set. Each of them had one side of the headphones in and were playing their favourite song while they sat in silence and appreciated the nuances of the scene. However, today was different, the silence was piercingly painful, the energy felt tensed and the mood was melancholic. The weight of the silence was to much, someone had to say something. After a long deep sigh, he decided to speak up, “its beautiful” he said. She sat in silence with her eyes watering knowing her mind had wandered to the place she didn’t want. He put his hand against hers and asked “hey you okay?”, she looked the other way hoping the wind would dry her tears before she could reply.

She turned back to him and said nothing. She just stared at him and his perfect face while one side of it was covered in the sun light and dipped into his dimple like an oasis, but the emptiness in her chest grew fonder. He stared back at her concerned and in hope that she wouldn’t say what he thought she would say. After a minute that felt like forever, she finally decided to speak, “I’m sorry, the pain in my heart has come to the point where it exceeds the love I have for you. The hole in my chest has become so large that nothing, not even your affection can fill it”. He didn’t intervene. She controlled herself from breaking down and continued, “I don’t know if happiness is a luxury I can ever afford and companionship is a feeling I can’t accept”.

He knew ever since he met her that this day may come but he continued the gamble hoping his love would replace that sadness, but he was wrong. He looked down at his worn out shoes. She felt her chest getting heavy and decided to say one last thing, “my life is filled with more goodbyes than hello’s, I’m sorry you had to be another”. She removed her side of the headphone, and walked off in the opposite direction while she disappeared completely in the ambiance. He continued to stand there alone, staring at the sun set numb and speechless. He paused the music and felt a single tear falling down his cheek. He wept while she walked away expressionless and with pain filled in her soul. Yet again she let her misery win.

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18 Jan, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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