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Sadness That Comes Down Of Blood

Sadness That Comes Down Of Blood

By Aquamarinegurl

Kayla. A girl. 18 years old. Pretty. But NOT LIKED AT HER SCHOOL. Kayla trudged down the usual dirt road to school. Tears were falling. Fast. She felt a slap on her bottom. " LOSER! I'M GOING TO GET YOU TODAY!" laughed Mike as he ran passed her. Kayla shot back, " SHUT UP! WHY ARE YOU GUYS SO MEAN?!?!? WHAT DID I EVER DO TO YOU!?!?!" Then, she sobbed. Mike and his friends went to her school and made her life miserable. She ran. Toward the forest. THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, went her shoes on the ground. But heard someone's panting. No.. Kayla thought. She ran faster. Then, she felt someone grip arms around her and felt a horrible pain on her head and everything went black.
Kayla woke up and found herself in a chair tied up in a chair in a dingy and dirty place.
" Anyone there!?!? " Kayla called.
" Yes..... hungry for you. " Mike called.
" Nope. Unless......"
" WHAT?!?!"
" You come with me. "
" Where?!?! "
" To a scary palace. A party. "
" WHAT?!?!?"
" Oh, you don't want to get out? Okay, then."
" NO! "
" I'll go. "
" Here is a dress. "
Mike handed her a dress that had no sleeves, the types that go up to your chest. It had a rose in the middle. Red Velvet surrounded it.
Then, all of a sudden, the dress got on her, along with jewelry. She felt dazed. Then Mike started dancing with her in a big ballroom. Then lowered her. Pain started to grip her neck. She tried to get out. But Mike held her fast. She opened her eyes. Then fell in love with Mike all of a sudden. They both went outside and kissed. Kayla and Mike lived in that palace. But there was 1 strange thing. She didn't she her reflection in a mirror anymore.

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About This Story
29 Jan, 2011
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1 min
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