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Salem Witch Trails

Salem Witch Trails

By Tinymonster123

Elizabeth walked into work around 6:00 am and streamers were thrown at her as she stood there shocked as two men looked at her “You have won a trip in a time machine! You will be going to 1692 in the summer which is the witch trials! You have one hour to get your affairs in order then you will be going on this trip! I hope you have a wonderful trip!” One man said with way too much enthusiasm which was a bit odd because of the time period and she thought it was a bit odd but she didn’t have a choice. She would actually love to go back in time to see a real witch trial. ‘Wait…’ She thought to herself ‘I have red hair and that is a sure sign of being a witch.’ The man standing closest to me handed me a ticket with a small smile that seemed apologetic because of my red hair.

“I’m sorry miss… This probably wasn’t the best time for you to go back to go. You need to find a way to cover your hair. You could pretend to be a widow or a nun.” The man standing closest to her said with a soft smile. “Hurry on up missy. Go on. You must go and get things to hide your red hair.” He said almost trying to rush her out of her place of work.

Elizabeth walked into the summer air and she looked around the parking lot which was odd because she knew this might be the last time she would see this place because of the place she was going. She slowly walked towards her car and she gets into the car. She laid her head on the steering wheel as the wind hit against the window hard and she closes her eyes almost drifting off to sleep. Before long, someone knocked on the window with a woman standing outside the window with a kind smile as she looked into the window almost like she was trying to see Elizabeth through the window “Ma’am, are you okay?” She knocked on the window twice trying to catch the young girls attention at least in the slightest which might have been a tad hard.Elizabeth lifted her head off the steering wheel and she sighs softly then she turns on the car so she can roll down the window. She didn’t want to but she didn’t want to be rude so she rolled down the window. “Are you ready to go?” The lady asked her in a caring tone and she opened the car door. She looks at the young girl with a smile.

“Yes, I’m ready.” Elizabeth replied then she got of the car and she turned off the car with a small smile. She then realized that she forgot to grab something to cover her red hair which stressed her out momentarily.

The woman smiles at her then she lead Elizabeth to the time machine which was right behind the woman’s car which was a tad odd. It looked huge but like a tube and it was blue with silver stripes here and there. It was a very interesting looking thing and Elizabeth got into the tube. Elizabeth shivers slightly and it was freezing cold for some reason as Elizabeth looked around the tube. A bright light filled the tube once the door was closed and she was off. Within a matter of two minutes, she appeared in the middle of a bustling little village and people pushed her around. The smell of animal waste was everyone and the people didn’t smell all that fresh either. The smells hit her like a freight train and she nearly threw up but a man walked towards her once she was pushed down into what looked like mud. The man looked down on her with a kind smile trying to appear to be friendly in every way possible. “Miss, are you okay?” He asked in a very soft tone but his voice was deep but like honey.

“I’m okay..” Elizabeth said as she looked around herself really confused and before she knew what was happening the man grabbed her hand then he started to push through the villagers heading towards a house or maybe a hotel. She couldn’t tell where they were headed for sure because most the houses looked the same to her and it was very frustrating. “W-Where are you taking me?” She asked in a scared tone and it was becoming clear that she was scared to be dragged by this man.

“Somewhere to keep you safe missy… Please don’t fight this. You will get in a lot of trouble if someone finds you. I’m serious. You have red hair and to everyone that means you’re a witch. The only reason I’m not turning you in for being a witch is because my mom has red hair and she’s not a witch. Besides if witches existed wouldn’t they have already killed everyone in the village by now?” The man said to her trying to be rational in this situation because he was putting faith in someone that he didn’t even know. He really hasn’t seen her again but redheads had to live in the shadows out of fear they would be murdered by people around them because the villagers believed that redheads were witches or the devil. He opened the door to his house and he released her hand when he closed the front door with a small smile on his lips which was a tad odd because he shouldn’t be doing this. He could get in as much trouble as she would get into if she were to get caught. “My name is Edward.” He said softly trying to make her relax in anyway possible because he saw the fear in her eyes and he could only imagine how she must feel.

“I’m Elizabeth..” She said but her voice was shaky as she was really scared more than anything before and she takes a deep breath trying to calm herself down in anyway possible.

The two sat around and talked about random things about the time period but Elizabeth didn’t tell him about anything in her time period which would cause major rifts in time if she did. They ate dinner together and at one point they just stared at the fire being comfortable in each others company which didn’t bother either one of them in the slightest. The sun set and Elizabeth ended up sleeping in Edward’s bed while he slept on the floor close to the bed to make sure nobody snuck into the house to hurt Elizabeth.

Morning came, Elizabeth only had that day to explore because it was her day in the past which broke her heart slightly. She wanted to stay with Edward because they became close in half a day and she considered him a friend. Edward looked up from the stove when she walked out of the bedroom and he smiles at her “Elizabeth, I made you breakfast. I hope you like it. How much longer will you be here?” He asked in a kind tone because he wanted her to stay here with him. Maybe it was selfish of him but he felt attached to her even though they only a day together yet he didn’t care if it was selfish of him to wish she didn’t go back to her time period.

“I have to leave today around eight. Thank you, Edward. I bet I will love it.” Elizabeth said.

They sat down and neither one of them wanted to talk about anything but they finished the meal. Which was amazing, it was eggs and biscuits but the items around the house were a bit odd. They looked old and not that well built but for the time period it was the best thing they had so she didn’t say anything. Also, she didn’t want to sound rude if she said something.

Elizabeth walked outside after she put a scarf on her head and the awful smells hit her once more almost making her throw up yet again ‘How can they live like this?’ She thought to herself and she walked down the dirt street. She looked around seeing chickens and other animals running around the streets to get away from their owners or they were just there. Little boys ran around while playing with random things but they were playing little games they made up. It was odd to her but it was really cute at the same time. She couldn’t explain the game exactly because it was a tad confusing but it reminded her of cops and robbers. She continued to walk down the street and a woman ran over to her with a worried expression. “Watch out. There are witches out here and they like to attack pretty girls like you!” The old woman yelled which caused Elizabeth to jump but she figured the woman has lost her marbles in every way possible so she continued to walk at a quicker pace. This time period was scary… Elizabeth froze when she saw two men catching a house on fire as they yelled “BURN YOU WITCH! WITCHES DON’T BELONG IN THIS TOWN OR ANY INFACT!” People started to gather around the house as they heard the yelling and the time ticked by. Nobody questioned the burning house but everyone watched not really phased by the events.


Randomly as she was watching the house burn in horror she disappeared and she appeared in front of where she works. She looks around quickly and there were a lot of people standing around shocked that she showed up like she did. She takes a deep breath trying to calm her racing heart that felt like it was going to jump out of her chest. People around her asked a lot of questions and to her it was pointless to reply because everyone would have a chance to explore another time period.


She continued her life thinking about what would happen if she would’ve stayed with Edward or if Edward came back with her. She died when she was 98 and she told of the time she went back to 1692 to her children and grandchildren then eventually her great grandchildren. She had a wonderful life and she always stayed positive. She died on a rainy night and she went peacefully in the night while she dreamed of Edward which made her really happy as she passed.


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21 May, 2018
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