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By PoojaShah - 2 Reviews

Sarah is dead. It's been 10 days since Sarah died. I still can't believe she's gone. They say she committed suicide but I don't buy it. She was my best friend. I knew her well. She was full of life. She was smart, beautiful, funny and popular. Many a girls were jealous of her. Maybe some jealous bitch killed her. I tried telling people Sarah would never kill herself. I should know as I murdered her.

We had been best of friends since childhood. But she never cared about me. 1st grade - she became the teachers' pet. 3rd grade - she beat me in a drawing competition. 5th grade - she beat me in a dance competition. 8th grade - she beat me in a debate competition. And it went on and on. She had to beat me at everything. I was tired of being second best all the time. She always got better grades than me. She was more beautiful than me. She was more popular than me. Boys always liked her more than me. It had been as if I didn't exist when she was around.

In every relationship one has to give and take. She took,took and took and I gave, gave and gave. It had to stop one day. The day came when I pushed her off the cliff. Yes... I murdered her and I have no regret.
It was a quarter after 10 o'clock at night. I was getting ready to go to bed. I got startled by blowing of cold wind. ' The window must have been left open', thought I. I went to close the window but it was already closed. By the time the whole room had become cold. I took off my sleepers and got into the bed pulling my comforter around me. I switched off the lights and went to sleep.
'Rachel... Rachel'
I heard someone whispering my name. I got up with a start. It was dark all around me. Still I was able to see a white shadow in a corner of my room. I looked closely and realized it was Sarah. I screamed and leapt out of the bed. I tried to open the door but it wouldn't open. The shadow I mean Sarah was coming nearer to me. I blacked out.
The next morning I woke up on the cold hard floor. I looked around but no one was there. It must have been a nightmare. Maybe my conscience was catching up with me.

'Ha! Your conscience! As if you had one',scoffed Sarah and said, 'I would return the favour. '
The next morning there was a headline in a newspaper screaming the death of Rachel Granger. It stated that she had committed suicide by throwing herself off a cliff. Only Sarah and I knew it was a murder.

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15 Jan, 2017
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2 mins
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