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Sariel, Defender of Peace (Part One)

Sariel, Defender of Peace (Part One)

By Optimism101 - 1 Review

Sariel, Defender of the Peace

War had broken out across the four kingdoms. Everything from troops to food was scattered among them as they readied to siege one another. Hope was almost lost. It all comes down to one woman, one goal, and 4 kingdoms.

Her goal starts out in a small town of the smallest kingdom, the smallest and most reluctant to war. They were ruled by a king known as Groe, The Guardian. He protected the kingdom well, and was a wise and fair ruler. He had one daughter, who he taught all his ways. His tactics, his judgment, it all went down to the next generation. She was known as Sariel

After learning his ways, she travelled across her kingdom, learning the ways of a normal citizen. People learned of her ways as well, and she became known as The Defender of the Peace, someone who stopped fights and quarrels, someone who was always helpful. She started to become a legend of sorts. A folk hero.

She was in a border town when the raids started. Groups of men on horseback rode into the town. The town was welcoming, and he soldiers had a dark look on their face as they started to slaughter the townsfolk. The citizens were weak compared to the cavalry, and fell before their blades like grass to a sickle. They wiped out the town and met back up at the entry road.

“Look what we have here, another target.” The leader of the men led his horse in front of the other cavalry. A single woman stood in front of the men. She was tall and slender.

“I won’t let you continue, lay down your weapons and there won’t be conflict.” She wore a blue wizard hat and a long blue scarf, with a blue cloak. A green heart was painted on the front.

“What are you gonna do to stop us?” The man dismounted his horse and drew his sword.

“I will give you one more warning, lay down your weapons.” She stood still.

“Not gonna happen.” The man slashed at her only to hit air. She nimbly sidestepped. He looked dumbfounded.

“No one makes a fool out of me!” He struck out at her again, but she ducked.

“I’ll let them take care of ye. Men! Fight her for me!” He got back on his horse and rode off. The other men dismounted.

“I do not wish for conflict, you should leave before anything gets worse.” She swayed a little bit, readying.

The first man to come tried to stab at her but she sidestepped, twirled her scarf around his sword and it flew out of his hand and crashed into the ground behind her. With a startled expression, he fell backwards and crawled away. The next man charged at her with a devilish intent. She waved her hand and he fell to the ground snoring.

“You should leave this town, and never return.” She stepped forward menacingly. The other men quickly mounted their horses and rode off.

The remaining townspeople came out and cheered for her success. They begged her to stay and improve the town, but she had a goal. She gave her last farewells, before walking off after the men. Someone sent them, someone wanted chaos.

Author Notes: Okay, I know my last series sucked, it was a fanfic with too many refferences to stuff people don't usually get. This one should be a little more understandable.

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25 Feb, 2019
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2 mins
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