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By woMEniZer

i suppose love by a man but i love women.
i have a girlfriend name jen & i always enjoying the every moments that we share. on her sister 18 birthday me with our friends decided to go and celebrate the birthday of her sister.
it almost late, me with our friends almost finish a couple of vodka bottle but still jen is busy doing things for her sister birthday we getting tipsy and kind off bored.

After the party we decided to sleep over at my girlfriend place. first i was shy to sleep beside her side. I decided to close my eyes to get a rest but i feel the soft lips of jen on mine..

i get horny when i feel her body over mine, the first thing i thought what can i do to make her satisfy cuz i doesn\'t have a male part to make her satisfied. we both have the same sexuality identity.

the first move that i do is to put my finger on her soft tissue body parts. i hear her moaning i don\'t know but i like to hear her moaning. she control her voice because anyone cauld hear her. we doesn\'t want to caught in act.

the softness of her tissue is getting wet, i decided to go down and put a satisfaction on her tissue by giving some tounge action.

she didn\'t control to moan so load when i put my finger on her tissue again. after that moan we look to each other and laugh..

satisfaction doesn\'t not measure on how it hard or how it soft, but on how both of you enjoy the every moments of your pleasure.

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28 Feb, 2010
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1 min
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