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Saturday Pancakes
Saturday Pancakes

Saturday Pancakes

enigmaticflamingoMother Goose
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"Damn it", I yelled, while walking out of the office. I started running to my car before becoming soaking wet from the pouring rain outside. I had to head home, and fast. Lisa, my daughter, was still there and I was pretty sure she was very hungry. My boss was such an idiot, making me work on a Saturday when he knows damn well I have a daughter with no mother! We were the only ones living in the little two bedroom apartment block I could barely keep up the rent with. I drove to my home, luckily, it was only 5 minutes away... I parked in front of the block and jumped out, shielding my head with the business papers. I ran inside, Lisa was still on the couch, her tablet in front of her face. She saw me and said:
-Hi dad, I'm a little hungry, can you make something?
-Of course, I replied, there is leftover soup and we can make pancakes too.
She nodded and hopped near me on the kitchen isle to cook. She started taking out ingredients and said:
-Wait, I'm going to wash my hands and get my apron.
She hopped to her bedroom and I turned around to see her tablet was still on. I walked to it and saw she was watching YouTube. The video title was "Jhonny gets scolded" from a channel named KidsFunTimeShow... It was quite peculiar that such a title ended up on a kids show. I pressed the play button. Jhonny seemed to be a little boy who worked, and when he did something wrong, strange people came over and hit him. This time he started crying, and he fell to the ground without moving. The creepiest thing? The up-next video was "Jhonny gets buried". At this instant, Lisa walked back in the kitchen and said:
-Alright dad, let's bake the pancakes!
-Ok but... I replied. That video you were watching, are you sure that's appropriate?
-It's just some stupid kid's show dad, let's start.
We poured and mixed ingredients and started eating. Again I asked her:
-Lisa, I don't think those videos are suitable for children your age...
She totally ignored me and kept eating. I asked again:
-Lisa? Hello, are you listening to me?
She stood up and said:
-Thanks for the pancakes dad, I'll head to bed now.
She ran to her bedroom, taking her tablet with her. I shrugged it off and kept cleaning the kitchen and headed to bed. I had a rough night, for some reason, I kept waking up and falling back asleep. In the morning, I hopped out the bed and started making breakfast. I called her:
Lisa! Lisa, breakfast is ready!
No reply. I called again:
Lisa? Head to the kitchen! Lisa!?
Thinking she was asleep again, I headed to her room. She wasn't in her bed. I started panicking, I looked around the home and called her name when I heard voices from her bedroom. They went:

It's just some stupid kid show dad, let's start—Lisa, I don't think those videos are suitable for children your age...

I ran to the room. The voices were coming from her tablet. I peered over it to see that the video playing was "Lisa makes pancakes".

Author Notes: I hope you guys enjoyed! Go check out my other stories! (-:

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Mother Goose
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27 Mar, 2019
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2 mins
5.0 (2 reviews)

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