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By djreed7100 - 1 Review

The relief is short lived for me.  I excuse myself, 'I gotta whizz.'  Jason, 'yea thanks for sharing.'  I head to the can.  I hear them chatting as I try and open the runway.  You can't piss if you suspect your name being tossed about without you there to catch it.  The damn breaks.  Strangely enough, simultaneously I heart giggling.  Weird?  Maybe the few lines we all blew are taking effect.  My teeth are certainly numb.  I flush.  At fridge now, 'anybody want anything?'  'Just a glass of white for Debi,' Joanna announces,  Cotton mouth is setting in.  'Got it,' I say.  My movements are rather quick but nobody seems to notice.  Everyone is moving and talking quickly.  I spill a bit while pouring Deb's white.  

I offer up to re-enter the past, 'you know Debi I was really digging you there for a while.'  Surprised by my comment she does not reply right away.  Instead she wipes her nose which she thinks is dripping or something.  It is not, it's just the blow.  Debi then soon enough say's, 'oh my, really!?  A few quick angled glances between Debi and Joanna.  Wow,.. stop your kidding right?'  I ware an honest face. 'really Deb.'  I continue on.  I vaguely remember that something was awry, just not sure what.  I liked you as any boy likes a girl at fifth-teen years old could,  I felt you were not in to me that much.  If at all.'  'Then why hang around,'  Debi say's?  'Your ass.'  Joanna, 'what!?'  Jason cracks up, Debi looks confused.  Did I just call her an ass she wonders?  Meanwhile Joanna starts feeling her own ass in doubt.  Joanna offers, 'Deb stand up let's see it now.'  Deb is not going for it.  I attempt a juxtaposition, 'anyway I was enthralled with it, to use the term loosely.  Remember gym class?"  Joanna interrupts, 'what happened in gym class?'  Debi sounding like a war prisoner, 'nothing just.'  'Come out with it Deb,' Jo say's.  'Jimmy used to stick his hand down the back of my shorts while we all sat there listening to Mr. Schmitt give phys-ed lessons.'   'Well I had to give him something,' Debi admits.  Right in time Jason say's, 'you coulda gave him a...'  Johanna thwarts that effort, 'enough of that, thank you Jason,' Joanna demands.  

All the while  this fantastic tale is growing taller, I was lining them up,   Debi heads to the bathroom.  Everyone observes from behind.  Joanna squirms and let's out, 'she does have a nice ass.'  Jason,'word.'  Joanna continues,' I mean we've kissed before,..'  Jason can't beat me to the punch here, I say, 'when!?'  Joanna rolls her eyes and sputters out, 'as if.  A sucker born every minute.'  She really got me there.  I was thinking that on one of those warm early summer days when Debi stops by unannounced.  Only to find me in a towel, fresh from the shower.  Joanna is doing laundry, she cannot here or see us.  Warm water is dripping down my chest and hard abs.  Debi seems flustered.  I want to console her but, I am in a towel.  No matter right, she has already at least kissed my wife why not me too.  Debi begins to pout.  I have to hold her.  I draw her near me so close that she can regulate the temperature of my breath.  Just as this happens, Joanna steps out of laundry room to witness the soft moment.  Joanna feels for Deb to and walks over to us. Jo hugs Debi from behind as I hug frontward.  Then as the kids say, 'it was on till the break of dawn.'  Tempestuous thoughts indeed.  You know it is fantasy when you read that my abs are hard.  Hard to look at more like.   


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8 Jan, 2015
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3 mins
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