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Save Me...
Save Me...

Save Me...

2 Reviews

This dark and scary place. I'm locked up in the depths of myself surrounded by the voices screaming how worthless I am. Sitting in the corner, rolled up in a ball, terrified of everything around me. I have never seen the light. Until, one day you came into my dark and terrifying place head held high, not scared at all. You came and sat next to me. Happy as could be. You could tell I was terrified. So you did what anyone would do who cared. You asked, why? Although I didn't answer right away; you waited paitently. After a few minutes still all I could manage to say was "save me". And you knew I was telling you to save me from myself. So, slowly you reached out and grabbed my hand and pulled me up. You than said to me, "Nothing will hurt you,I am here. You are safe. You are going to be okay." Then you hugged me and lead me out to the light. You saved me.

By MaKaylee

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2 Jan, 2017
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<1 min
3.0 (2 reviews)

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