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Save Your Life
Save Your Life

Save Your Life


We all know that these days social life matters, it’s even important. Nowadays, people tend to gain more friends on social media, rather than in real life. And even worst, some people has no friend in real life but have so much friends and followers on their social media. It hurts my feeling. Isn’t it better to have real friends?

They tend to seek approval from how their life beingliked or loved. Their life is all about that platform, even when looking for partner. Social media is one of the best solution. Everything seems pretty easy, just one click, you will get whatever that you’re looking for. Interesting to see how people meet on the internet. As simple as saying “Hi” and it can lead to another life story. I’m wondering how they can trust the other side, by sharing life stories? Well, I am a ‘people’ person. I’d like to see their eyes when talking, their gesture, their laugh when we talk something funny, their sparks when talking about their passion. It’s weird to have conversations with people we can’t see. Ooh, there’s a video call which make it easier! Yeah, but still, it’s different.

The shy people will get advantage from this kind of platform. They can talk easily, and I’m sure they prefer this way to have new friend. They would let themselves out talking with others, pour everything into conversations. They even can explore themselves while talking (If they get great chatting partner). From this stage, it will go to the next stage, which is feelings. And here is where the journey begins. From small talks, to more specific and personal stuff talks. And they will see everything from there. They will try to meet if they have the same connection, or they won’t ever meet (many reasons why they can’t or won’t).

Real chat and media chat has big differences. In real talk, you can see the gesture, you can feel the tone of their voices. From the chat stage to the meet in real stage would be interesting. It could be more exciting or maybe it could be awful. You see, when we pause on the chat, we didn’t see their face, so we won’t think about “what he/she think about now”. But in real life, when the other side pauses there would be an awkward silence and definitely makes us think “did I said something wrong?”.

The bad thing about social media, you would tend to ignore real people. The worse is when you already in relationship, and found having social life is more interesting than building the real life. It could damage your real life. When you prefer scrolling your phone than kissing your partner, when your phone is the sweet escape from your real life, you are damaged already, man! You will lose your best chance while you’re not looking. Stop scrolling, heads up, look around, feel the heartbeat when you see your partner. How does it feel? If there’s no butterflies fluttering in your stomach, your heart not skipping a beat when you see their faces, you are definitely dead. You better off alone.

Author Notes: We are smart people, use the social media and chatting platform wisely. If you choose to be alive, live free outside your cell phone, but if you feel better to have life inside your cell phone, you know how it would end. You choose!

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6 Jul, 2017
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2 mins
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