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This story has some quality issues


By gurujyot

It was saturday afternoon and i was sitting in my lawn and reading my book. My parents were not at home when suddenly someone threw a parcel in the garden, i sat up and ran towards the gate and saw a boy running away in distance. i came back and took the parcel in my hand. It only had a letter in it. I read it it read:-

Dear Chinmay,

My father died in a train accident. He was my life ,and i can't possibly live without him. I'm going to end my life.



It was all that it said. Raju was my parents family freind Mr. and Mrs. Mannering's son. He ws their one and only son, that was also going to end his life. For a second i thought i must run after Raju, but i didn't. Instead i locked the door and took my heels to the Mannerings' house. Suddenly, the gong sounded 4'o clock when i reached the house. I could see Mrs. Mannering seeing out of her window. Her tears that were rolling down her cheeks seemed like falling pearls. I could not hold my tears too. But somehow i managed to into the house through the door. I went up by the stairs straight to Mrs. Mannering and asked her to control herself i made her a cup of tea. she was drinking her tea when suddenly, the door swung open and in came Mr. Mannering holding his suitcase in his hand. He was far away from the accident site because he missed his train due to his delayed meeting. But alas! at that moment he came in the cup in Mrs.Mannering's hand fell with her. When the docters came they said she died. Next day the newspaper headline was:-

Boy suicides, Victim identified as Raju Mannering

After reading it i thought about Mr. Mannering and hoped he doesn't suicides.



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29 Apr, 2017
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