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Saved by an Angel
Saved by an Angel

Saved by an Angel


I finally finished writing out my documents, and I intended on going home. I threw my left over coffeee in the bin and stepped out of Star Bucks. I was greeted by the wind, that ruffled through my blonde hair, and I thread my fingers through to fix it. I yawned, and shut my eyes tight, then open them, trying to stay alert. As I strolled down the pavement, I came across an old man. In his rough hands he held a sign, written in a sloppy handrwiting, "Pleese help me cros the streets I am blind." My heart shrunk. How can I just leave him there without assisting him? I can only imagine how many pedestrians passed him straight.

I rested my slender hands on his shoulder, being careful not to startle him. He gave me a crooked smile, and placed his wrinkly hands on top of mine, letting out a soft chuckle. I kindly asked him if he would let me assist him in crossing, and he happily agreed.

"Noel," he rasped out.

"Miranda" I confessed.

We patiently waited, as I pushed the cross street button. I took this time to admire him, he looked like he was in his late seventy's, his messy grey hair was covered by a brown flat cap. He was wearing a mustard yellow vintage shirt, and a brown pants. His eyes were hidden behind a sunglasses. He had a few wrinkles here and there, but I would say he looked pretty good for his age.

"Would you like me to hold your white cane?" I requested.

I gazed at him, but he didn't hear, so I said it a little louder.

"Oh... yes thank you dear!"

It was now time to cross and I held him tightly around his arms, as he stumbled across the street. All of a sudden, a black Ford Mustang car whizzed pass us, and I let out a deafening scream. Before I could get hit by it, Mr. Noel grabbed my blouse and yanked me away from the car.

"That was close," he mumbles under his breath.

The buttons from my blouse flew to the floor, as I clutched my chest, panting heavily. My heart was beating like a drum, and my mouth was glued. I heard him mumble a few words, but in the heat of the moment, I paid no attention to it. Tears trickled down my rosy cheeks, and I let out a nervous laugh.

"Are you okay dear?"

He stretched out his arms and caressed my shaky hands.

"Yeah.....I....I am okay sir.... I am fine," I stammered.

I wiped my tears and gazed at him. A blind man saved my life, I thought to myself. I then realized we were in the middle of the road, so I guided him to the other side.

"That car was loud, I am surprised you did not see it."

"Yes, I myself too."

He rubbed his hands on my shoulder and gave me a toothy grin,

"Thank you, for crossing me, well done." he whispered.

Then he vanished into thin air......

Author Notes: First time writing here! Be kind always.

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About This Story
19 Jul, 2021
Read Time
2 mins
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