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Saving Jenna Pt.1
Saving Jenna Pt.1

Saving Jenna Pt.1

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I’m sitting at the edge of the skatepark, both earbuds in listening to nothing. I’m waiting, waiting for something while not knowing what that something is. Just then a beautiful girl walks by. She looks around my age. Just then, something floats from her pocket. I jump up and catch it before if drifts into the storm drain. I jog to her and lightly touch her shoulder.

“You dropped this.”

She spins around, and I get a good look at her. Straight brown hair with a couple of blue streaks weaved into a braid. Her eyes are blue. Almost as blue as the ocean. She was so beautiful.

“Thank you so much. I didn’t even notice.”

“No problem. My names Skylar by the way. I o by Sky though.”

“Nice to meet you. My names Jenna.”

“Nice to meet you Jenna.”

She reaches out for my arm pulls out a pen and writes: 360-294-9843


“No problem.”

She sprints down the road, throws her board down and waves goodbye. I wave back. She’s beautiful. Her ears were gaged, and she had tattoos. One said live, love, lie, the other one said fuck life. The first one was on her ankle, the second one her wrist. I take out my phone and add Jenna in my contacts.


Who dis…-Jenna


Ohhhhhhhhh how are you-Jenna

Tired but good u-me

Kewl I’m tired and hungry-Jenna


Do you skateboard-Jenna

Hell ya-me

Lol me to ur names really pretty-Jenna

Thanks, I like ur tattoos-me

Oh, ya me 2-jenna


What school do you go to- Jenna?

Belshire high-me

Oh me 2-Jenna

I wonder why we haven’t seen each other-me



What r u doing tomorrow-Jenna


Do you wanna meet at the skatepark-Jenna

Ya 10:15-me

K c u there-Jenna

K night-me

Good night-Jenna

My heart races. I walk into the living room, realizing I’m the only one home. I run up to my room, change grab my phone and put it in my bra sprint down the stairs and go for a run. I don’t know where I am running to, but I know it feels good to run. I have so much energy pumping through my veins right now. I feel like I could fly. I feel like I could soar. I want to fly, to soar. She is beautiful. I have to keep in mind that I have to keep my feeling to myself. Not everyone who I like likes me. I think she likes me though. I really hope she like me because I think we could be friends. Just then my phone vibrates.

Hey can u talk-Jenna

Yeah sure hold on a minute. I went out for a run. -me

Ok. Txt me when u can talk-Jenna


I run faster, knowing that I will get a reward afterwards. I run to a near by café. I sit down outside and text Jenna back.

K I’m here Whats up-me

My mom-Jenna

What about her-me

She kicked me out said that I couldn’t stay with her anymore-Jenna

Well do you have somewhere to stay-me


Well, I will text my mom and ask her if you can come stay with us why did she kick you out-me

Hey, can one of my friends stay at our house for a while-me


Because she needs a place to stay-me


If you really must know her mom kicked her out-me

Do you know why that is-mom?

Nope not yet-me

Yeah sure-mom


No problem-mom

So, you can come over-me

Thanks, it means a lot-Jenna

No problem-me

Where can I meet you-Jenna

How close do you live to café regiono-me?

About a 10-minute skateboard ride and a 20-minute walk-Jenna

Do you think you could meet me there-me?

Yeah of course-Jenna

I will see you soon-me

Ok. -Jenna

Bring anything you might need-me

Yeppers see you soon. -Jenna

While I am waiting for Jenna, I can’t help but wonder why she got kicked out. The very first reason that I think of is her being lesbian and her parents not supporting. Maybe there was something she was hiding from me. Maybe maybe maybe. That’s all I could think of the maybes. I plugged in my earbuds and played my calming playlist. I don’t know why, but I was worried about her. Even if she did do something bad, I wouldn’t turn on her. I would help her. How can you leave someone in their most needed time? All I know is that I am going to become her best friend. Hopefully, more than that. But, probity not. But you know, hopes are good to have and great to keep to yourself. I stand up and glide inside waiting and waiting for Jenna. I decide to but two sugar cookies, and two shortbread, hopping that she likes one of them. I look at the two brown bags and think. About what, I don’t know. Just thinking. Maybe about the math test coming up. Maybe about how it would feel, my lips against hers. Maybe about the guy at the other end of the table staring at me. Maybe about how Jenna’s hand would feel in hers. Then, my phone vibrates and brakes the daze.

I’m here-Jenna

Ok I’m inside-me

I know-Jenna


I am behind you-Jenna

I turn around and there she is. Beautifully herself standing behind me, hair still braided, but clothes changed. She is wearing a lacey shirt with ripped jeans and platform sneakers. I still think that she is beautiful.

“Thanks for letting me stay. It means a lot to me. I’m sorry it was such little notice.”

“yeah no problem. My mom is super flexible with these types of things.”

I stand up and she wraps her arms around me and cries. She cries and cries. I don’t say anything not wanting to break the moment. We sit there for a good solid 4 minuets before she breaks away. I look her in the eyes. Her eyes are so beautifully glossed over from the river flowing from her eyes. She grabs my hand as we head out the door. I help her with her bags while we walk in silence. It takes us about 15 minuets till we arrive at my home. She turns around her hand still in mine as I grab the hide a key and unlock the door. No one is home yet, so we walk up into my room. She looks around and plops down on the beanbag next to my bed.

“I want to tell you something Sky.”

“Yeah of course what is it?”

“I’m kind of into girls.”

My mind blows. I feel like I am in a dream right now. I am so happy. I would have never thought that Jenna, perfect Jenna was lesbian. I was just so bewildered. I must have had a funny look on my face because she said, “If that’s not ok, I can leave and find someone else to stay with.”

“No that’s perfect.’’

I walk over and sit next to her and lay my head on her shoulder.

“I have something to tell you.”

“I’m kind of into girls to.”

“Well that’s good because I’m kind of into you.”

“good because I’m into you to.”

We sit like that for a good couple of minutes.

Author Notes: I am going to continue writing this i hope. I really hope you like it. Feel free to review. Anything is appreciated. Bad or good.

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