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Saying I Love You Part.1
Saying I Love You Part.1

Saying I Love You Part.1

BookNerd123Lemon Drop
3 Reviews

Sayla Grace Flay's pov.

I walk through the hallways of my highschool. My head down so no one notices me, backpack slung over my shoulder, and hood on.

"SAYLA!!" I look up as my bestfriend Carter slams into me. I fall back, feeling weightless right until I smack into the hard floor of the hallway.

"What was that for?" I groan and rub my head trying to get rid of the pain. "I don't know." Carter says shrugging and offering me his hand, I take it pulling myself up. Carter has straight hair that is red-brownish, eyes a milky light grey, and skin a light tan.

"Sorry about that," he says rubbing the back of his neck. I smile up at him, stopping by our lockers and pulling out my bags. "You do not have to carry all that around, you know." I nod,"I do."

I tuck my dirty blond hair behind my ear, push my glasses up my nose, and head to class.

Author Notes: Tell me how it is...

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Lemon Drop
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31 Mar, 2020
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