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Scars Fade <3
Scars Fade <3

Scars Fade <3

wordshealmeSam Tyler
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As my scars fade away,
I begin to wonder why,
Why I used to harm myself in such a way,
As my appetite slowly returns,
Again I wonder why,
Why I used to deprive my body so,
As my mood comes around,
Going from depressed and suicidal,
To happy and hyper and ready to take on the world,
I wonder why I never thought this was possible.
I'm excited to take on the world,
I'm excited for my future,
I'm happy.
That's not something I've been or been able to say,
Since I was just a small child,
I'm looking forward to my future now.
Filled with anxiety about it,
Only because I've spent so damn long,
Too damn long,
Focused on wanting to kill myself,
Rather than focusing on school,
On my future,
On college,
But now
Now I want to live life,
Now I want to rid myself of these terrible habits,
I want a better life for myself.
I want to finish school,
I want to go to college,
I finally,
Want to live my life,
And I'm finally doing it for myself,
Myself and I,
That's the only person I'm doing this for,
There isn't anyone else in this world that's my driving force for recovery anymore,
Just me.

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About The Author
Sam Tyler
About This Story
22 Feb, 2017
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1 min
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