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School Boy

School Boy


I see him as he walks into the classroom. Proud as a peacock, happy as a hyena. How can a person be so happy? I guess I act happy, but I never really feel happy. Maybe he’s the same way. Or maybe that's just me.

He talks to a red haired girl. He must think she’s pretty. I feel a slight tinge of jealousy.

The bell rings. He walks to his seat and sits down. Three seats away.

A girl with brown hair pulled up in a ponytail called his name. He looks over a desk at her, and they talk about tonight's basketball game. She is obviously flirting. Her smile is way too big to be real. She gives him a high five and wishes him luck. Yuck!

Our teacher has started to talk. She tells us to write something down. I didn't catch what. She must have noticed, she wrote it on the board. The white stick of chalk seemed to be screeching in protest, as the teacher scrawled the definition of a noun across the freshly washed blackboard. I quickly write it down.

I watch him as he swiftly copies what is on the board. I watch the way his hand smoothly moves across his paper and then off onto his desk. He sets down his orange and black mechanical pencil when finished, and looks at the teacher for the rest of the lecture.

As the teacher goes and sits at her desk everyone starts to talk amongst themselves. He starts to talk to a group of people now. Two boys and four girls. I think I have finally came to the conclusion that I hate every female homosapien who range from ages fourteen through fifteen. As he talks he plays with a loose string on his turquoise dress shirt. It really brings out his blonde hair and his seafoam blue eyes. Is seafoam blue even a color? Well, even if it’s not, that's what it would be.

My friend asks me a question about something, but I didn't catch it. I just look at her, smile, and nod my head. She starts to laugh so I do to. She turns to another girl and they start to talk.

I glance over at him. I regret it. Our eyes meet. He waves. My palms start to sweat. My leg bounces. What should I do? Should I wave back? Well, that must be better than doing nothing. I finally wave. That was an even bigger mistake. He leaves his group and comes to sits in the desk in front of me.

He looks right into my eyes. I was too terrified to look away. It felt like we stared at each other for like a bagillian seconds before he finally broke the silence between us. He asked me the simplest question, but it felt like way more then that. “Are you going to the game tonight?”

I almost always go to games to cheer for my school. I guess he never noticed. Oh well. I didn't really have to think about my answer. “Yeah. I’ll be in the student section.”

“Cool,” he said, “I’ll look for you.”

The bell rang and he walked out of the room. I know it wasn't much, but I felt like I just had a conversation of a lifetime. It was so unexpected. And like a wise person once said, “The best things happen unexpectedly.”

Author Notes: Hope you like it!! give me honest feedback!

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About This Story
23 Jan, 2018
Read Time
2 mins
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