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By alenajanelle

She would do the same thing every night. Scream. Her screams were heard by the entire block and she kept them up every single night. She never came out of her tall, dark house and the mailman would skip her every day. No one knew her name or face and yet she made an such extreme impact on their lives. The man across the street from her lost his job because he fell asleep behind the wheel of a forklift and smashed into a metal shelf full of lumber and almost killed someone because he couldn't get any sleep. The family next door moved out because their newborn baby kept crying because he couldn't sleep. The woman on the other side of her, Stacey, got fed up with it and went over there to talk to the woman screaming in the house. In the front lawn, a circle of dead plants around the house as if something was keeping them from growing. Stacey hesitated up the woman's steps, but still knocked on the door. She lightly pushed and the door opened. Immediately, a feeling swept over her but she shook it off. As Stacey headed up the stairs she heard a creaking it sounded familiar, like a rocking chair, and the woman's voice, she wasn't speaking English or any other language Stacey had ever heard before. The sounds were coming from the bedroom at the end of the hall. Stacey slowly opened the squeaky door and gasped at what she saw. Stacey felt like she was staring at a mirror. There right in front of her a woman in a rocking chair had the same face as her. The woman in the chair slowly turned her head towards Stacey. She stared at Stacey with dark eyes, that were like staring at pure evil and torture. The woman then let out a sound that could only be described as a hissing scream, it was the sound of evil and hatred. Her pupils shrank and her eyes turned as red as blood. Her face rotted right in front of Stacey and her eyes melted into her skull. With one final blood-curdling shriek she said "You're mine!" Then her bones turned to dust and Stacey approached the rocking chair
Three Weeks Later
People noticed that Stacey was missing and cops searched the house inside and out, but Stacey was nowhere to be found.

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21 Nov, 2012
Read Time
2 mins
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