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Seagulls Love Donuts

Seagulls Love Donuts

By robertmoons

One beautiful, sunny day, a seagull was flying around looking for something to eat.  He was flying over a donut shop – one of his favourite fly-through places – when he spotted something on the ground next to a garbage can. It was a large, chocolate-glazed donut with multi-coloured sprinkles! This was his lucky day!

He swooped down, landed lightly on his feet, and strutted over to the deep-fried, sugar coated treat. He was about to peck at it when a couple of his friends landed nearby.

"Hey, Brad, what have you got there!" shouted one of them.

"Oh, hi Phil, Sean. It's just a donut, but it's all mine. I got here first."

"That's a big one," said Sean.

"You think so?" Brad moved between the donut and his two friends.

Phil leaned far to his left, trying to get a better look. "Looks like a chocolate-glazed."

"Maybe," Brad said as he circled to his right, blocking Phil's view.

"Oooooo, are those multi-coloured sprinkles?" Sean asked with excitement.

"Yeah," replied Brad. "But you guys don't want this stale, old garbage, do you? Besides, donuts are really bad for you."

"They sure are," said Phil. "They have starch, grease, and sugar."

"And multi-coloured sprinkles!" Sean added as he smacked his beak.

Brad looked back at the donut, thought for a moment, and then looked back at his friends. "Don't you guys remember? I said that I got here first."

"Come on, Brad, we're buddies, pals. We're like the three Musketeers," argued Phil.

"That's Mouseketeers," corrected Sean.

"Yeah, whatever. But what I'm saying is, it's all for one, and one donut for all. You need to share that donut."

"I don't need to do anything," Brad replied angrily as he turned around and stuck his head right through the hole in the donut. He then rose up with the donut around his head. The donut fell down past his neck and all the way down to his shoulders. "There, it's mine now. See, I'm wearing it."

Phil looked him up and down. "Oh, Brad, that is so you. But what are you going to do now?"

"What do you mean?" asked Brad.

"Well, it looks like you're stuck."

"No I'm not."

"Yes, you are. I bet you can't get it off."

Brad tried to spread his wings to fly away but he couldn't move. "Anyway, even if I am stuck, which I'm not," he lied, "I can still eat my way out any time I want."

"I don't think so," said Sean.

Brad realized Sean was right; he couldn't quite reach the donut with the end of his beak.

Phil walked toward Brad. "The way I see it, Sean and I can peck our way through that donut. We get it off you, and then we split it three ways."

Brad didn't trust Phil. "You just want my donut."

"Oh, I get it," said Phil with a hurt look on his face. "And I thought we were friends. You think all we want is that donut. Well, I have news for you, buddy, pal. Sean and I will get that donut off you, and you can have it all to yourself. Right, Sean?"

Sean looked at the donut around Brad's neck. "Couldn't we just eat–"


"Yeah, sure," Sean agreed.

Phil continued. "We'll get the donut off you and fly away, leaving you and your donut together for some quality time."

Brad thought about this for a moment. "You would do that?"

"Sure," said Phil. "We're friends, and friends help each other out. Friends also share things with each other, but I'm starting to think that maybe you're not our friend. Because a friend would share, especially when he has a large, chocolate-glazed donut.

"With multi-coloured sprinkles," added Sean.

Brad paused and thought about what Phil had said. "You're right, Phil. I don't know what came over me."

"Greed," said Phil.

"Multi-coloured sprinkles?" asked Sean.

"Both," replied Brad. "My eyes became as glazed over as this donut, and I became greedy. Please forgive me and eat this donut off me; the chocolate is melting and sticking to my feathers."

"You heard our friend," Phil said and he began to peck away at the donut.

"Sure thing," Sean answered and started on the opposite side.

A few minutes later, the two of them had the donut in three even pieces at their feet.

"Just one thing left to do," said Phil.

"What's that?" asked Brad.

"Milk," answered Phil.


"Milk. Can't eat a donut without a glass of cold milk."

"How about half a cup of cold coffee?" Sean yelled.

Brad and Phil turned around to see Sean standing in a paper cup a distance away.

"No thanks," Phil yelled back. "I'm not that thirsty any more."

"Yeah," added Brad. "I think I'll eat this one dry."

Sean looked down at his legs, knee deep in the brown liquid. "But I thought friends shared everything?"

The End.

My other fiction is available at or at my website
in PDF format with cover art.

My Website:


This work of fiction is the sole property and copyright of Robert G. Moons.
Please do not print or use without permission of the author.

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21 Sep, 2013
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