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second chance, last chance

second chance, last chance

By sweetshenzy

It was Christmas day. Her phone rang. She was surprised when she heard on the other line a familiar voice. It said, “ Hello? Merry Christmas! How are you?” She knew who it was, but she pretended she did not recognize him? “Who’s this please?” “It’s me John.

John is her ex bf. It his first time to call her after 5 months. They were not in good terms that’s why. There last conversation was the worst of all. She was in rage, she was full of anger. She was hurt, she was in pain. He betrayed her.

She has already forgiven him, after realizing that it was the anger that held her back. She needed to move on, so she prayed to teach her how to forgive. It was not easy for her, but she did so.

So now, here’s John again. She told him, she’s busy and no time for chatting at that time. He just said, “OK, please take care!” Then, she thought for a moment asked herself if she’s gonna replt to his sms greeting her a merry Christmas. Then, she just replied , “merry Christmas too.” It was then, that the sms became often. He invited her for dinner after several days. She agreed to meet him. It’s been 5 months that they have not spoken w/ each other.

And the night came. After dinner, they had a heart to heart talk. She listened carefully. He was crying, asking forgiveness and asking for a second chance. It just happened. They were back together after all the mocking, cursing from her. He was given another chance after breaking her heart, after the pain. She thought, that he was not the only person responsible for what had happened, she too has mistakes, she wanted to give herself a chance as well. She didn’t want to think over, over again, what could have happened if she gave him this chance? She won’t be able to move on if it happens.

15 days after the reconciliation, as expected, somewhere along the road, he again hurt her. The girl that caused them to break up, the girl that caused her pain, the girl that caused john to hurt her, is now 2 months pregnant. He did not know she was pregnant when he went back. It was the end of it. It was the end of them.

They might have tried to make things right, and start a new, but God did not allow it. There are just things that are not meant. They were just not meant. She accepted it. ‘Did not regret the decision. She now can move on and leave all the lies behind. It was worth a try. Wasn't it?

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25 Feb, 2011
Read Time
2 mins
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