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second chance

second chance

By melodyautumn

I was talking to my best friend and she told me something personal. Something that affected her in so many ways, and she trusted me. She asked me not to tell anybody and I fallowed that promise... but I was stupid. I was stupid because that night I wrote what she told me into a story. The next day I told her that I did, because I wanted to put it on the internet but wanted her permission. She got very upset and mad... at me. I couldn't help but argue with her because I didn't know why she was up set. But when she hung up on me i started to think. She said that everyone was trying to make her life into a story. I didn't understand it at first but then I remembered how she doesn't want anybody to feel sorry for her. I told her that I wasn't guilty and I was proud of what I wrote, but I'm not.... anymore. But it's too late. Alex is too mad at me. When she finally picked up the phone I said to her: I'm not asking you not too hold a grudge... I'm asking you too hold a grudge lightly. She wont pick up the phone anymore, even thought I call her every day. My point is that everyone can be stupid sometimes. Everyone doesn't think about all the possibilities every time. But sometimes you don't get a second chance. I didn't

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2 Apr, 2011
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