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Secondhand Stars

Secondhand Stars

By Optimism101 - 1 Review

Like normal people, I too eat at Starbucks.



It was a quiet day in my small town. For all I know, it’s been a small town for a while. Nampa never really changed. There was still the old library, the same parks, the canal, and a nice little community.

It was the perfect place to hide.

I sat at my usual table in Starbucks. The waitress brought me my usual breakfast. A muffin and a nice cup of coffee. Black. The coffee was just as it usually is as I sipped it and looked out the window. The secondhand bookstore across the street was closing. Darn. I remember going there as a kid, and picking out fun tales to read hours into the night. It started the wish. The desire to be different, to have an ability.

I regret that choice.

I finish my food, and walk over to the secondhand bookstore.

Secondhand Stars.

What a nice name.

The door opens with a creak as I push inside. Hundreds, no, thousands of books still lie on the shelves. It brought back memories. I walked towards the back of the store and stopped right next to my favorite section. Teen Fantasy. One of the books on the shelf caught my eye. It was a very old tale. Of heroes and villains, it was the spark. The first desire. I can’t blame it for being a good book, can I?


Something knocked down the door of the store. They knew I was here.

“Wherever you are, come out peacefully and we won’t shoot.” The leader of the squad yelled into the shop.


Quietly, I rushed to the back door of the shop and swung open the door.

The second squad of troops looked surprised and raised their weapons before I got to say anything. The leader repeated what the first one said.

I pushed over a bookcase so it blocked the door and dashed up the stairs in the back. The other squad would no doubt check out what happened. The upstairs was a lot smaller, but had some windows to the alley. There was no way I could unlock it in time, so I jumped through it. Me, and the glass shards fell towards the ground. I manipulated the air and slowed my descent.

Oh right. You don’t know.

I can manipulate the elements around me.

And the government doesn’t like that.

I run from the alley, wind at my back, and there was the first squad, again.

I push the ground up to stop them, and run the other way.

The second squad meets me at the other end. I push the ground up again for another wall. One of the soldiers is separated. The wind pushed him towards me and I grab his gun and put it to his head. Both squads bust through the walls.

“Put him down NOW!” The squads raise their guns at me. I continue to hold the gun to his head.

“I didn’t do anything wrong, why are you chasing me?!” I scream at them. They don’t move.

“PUT THE GUN DOWN!” They scream again.


I’m not a killer. I don’t want to be.

I relax the gun, and drop it.

The squads don’t move but the hostage runs over to its group.

“You can take me where you need to.” I raise my arms.

“That’s not an option anymore.”



Author Notes: I dunno. Ima write some more stories with people that have powers, or abilities and stuff, but this one I just started writing and was like, "Hey, this could work." So I wrotes it. Enjoy!

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About This Story
14 Apr, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
4.0 (1 review)

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