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Secret-Part One
Secret-Part One

Secret-Part One

BookNerd123Black Sheep

(Wren Sand's pov.)

The bright sunlight leaks through the shades that cover my window, my door slowly creaks open. "Oh,good, you are up." I roll over to look at my mom. Brown hair pulled into a tight ponytail, dark green eyes, freckles, and plain black glasses. She wears a black suit top and a tight black skirt, a black case in her hand.

"I am going to finish my coffee, then run you to school." I nod, rubbing my eyes, and crawling out of bed. "I'll be down in a second, thanks mom." She nods, closes my door. I pull on a pair of black jeans, a t-shirt, and a blue hoodie. White no-show socks and converses, brush my hair and teeth, and walk down the stairs.

My mom is sitting her empty coffee mug in the sink as I enter the kitchen,"you ready?" I nod, slinging my back pack over my shoulder. "Lets go then, I am almost late." I nod, walking out the side door and getting into my moms black convertible.She buckles up and turns on the radio.

My mom drops me off in the car rider line, says nothing, and drives away. I keep my head down in the halls as everyone around me talks, I drop my bag of in my locker, and walk to the boys bathroom. Every high schooler quickly learns the rules of a hook-up;

1.) Never catch feelings

2.) Don't talk about it

3.) No pictures

At that moment the heavy bathroom door creaks open and in walks Reid Carter. Reid is the football captain, stands at 6'4 two feet taller than me. has deep blue eyes, and wavy black hair. Reid smiles over at me, " hi." I smile slightly,"hey."

He grabs the heavy trash can placing it beneath the door knob so no one can get inside. He steps towards me,his strong arms wrapping around my waist and pulling me closer. He picks me up, placing me gently on the edge of the sink, and leaning down to press his lips to mine. His fingers pushing themselves underneath my shirt, his lips brushing softly against my neck. The bell goes off signaling that it is time for first period, he groans pulling away.

"My parents aren't home this weekend, you should come over." He says grabbing his backpack from the floor. I nod,"okay."

Author Notes: I know nothing about hook-ups so I hope this is along the right alley.
Hope you enjoy.

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Black Sheep
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11 Jan, 2021
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