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Secret-Part Three
Secret-Part Three

Secret-Part Three

BookNerd123Lemon Drop

(Wren Sand´s pov.)

My mom sits on the living room floor papers surrounding her, headphones in, and wine glass sitting empty on the coffee table. I grab a water from the fridge and guitly sneak back up the stairs. My mom is a lawyer and works hard-core cases, My dad died in a car crash when I was two months old.

I take a long swig from my water and plop down on my bed. My phone buzzes with a message;

Reid- I am sorry if I was out of place, please stop ignoring me. I am sorry, I want do it again.

I turn my phone off and throw it across the room into a pile of not- folded clean clothes. ¨Wren,"My mom calls and I groan hopping up off of my bed. ¨Yes mom."I yell back opening my bedroom door so I can hear her better. ¨You have a visitor,¨ I walk down the stairs totally confused. Leaning against the wall is Reid; his black hair messy, dark circles under his deep blue eyes. Reid wears an old class t-shirt and sweatpants.

¨Reid.¨ I say trying to act as if I am not panic stricken. He smiles but it looks wrong, like it was carved into his face. ¨Mom, Reid and I are going upstairs.¨ She nods,¨okay.¨ Reid is obviously drunk, I grab his hand and haul him up the stairs. He stumbles into my bedroom and collapses into a sort of upright position on my bed.

¨Your mom just lets random guys go in your bedroom.¨ He says, words slightl slurred. ¨She dosen´t know I am gay,¨ He nods. ¨Reid, what are you doing here?¨He stares at me,¨you did not text me back.¨ I laugh slightly amused, ¨so what? You drank and drove over here?¨ He shakes his head,¨I walked.¨ I stare at him,olling my eyes.

¨What do you want from me?¨ I ask, sitting down beside him. ¨What if I told my parents I was gay?¨ He questions,staring straight into my eyes, and I know he means it. ¨You do what you want.¨ I reply, standing up and grabbing my half-full bottle of water, I hand it to him. ¨Would you tell your mom?¨ I stare down at him, he wraps his arms around my waist pulling me into his lap.

¨Why do you want me to do that?¨ He chuckles,¨you know why.¨ I nod,¨how about we talk about this tommorrow when you aren drunk?¨ He nods,¨okay. Can I sleep here?¨ I sigh and he smiles.

¨Let me ask my mom,¨ I reply. I walk slowly down the stairs, my mom stands in the kitchen pouring herself another glass of wine. ¨Can Reid stay the night?¨ She dosen look up,¨sure honey.¨

¨Thanks mom.¨

Author Notes: Hope you enjoy

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Lemon Drop
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14 Jan, 2021
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2 mins
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