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Secrets (Chapter 1)
Secrets (Chapter 1)

Secrets (Chapter 1)

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As we entered the house we decided to look around. Manex searched the living room, Fern ransacked the bedrooms, Sarah looked for food, and Jonathan used the bathroom, and I stood there thinking about the door. This was puzzling, but it was time to continue on.

Everyone agreed it was time to go, so we crept up the spiral steps and into Lisa’s room. I hesitated to move the bookshelf with fifty-six books and wondered why there was a stairway up just to go under. I moved the bookshelf and there were stairs.

“What’s this,” Manex asked.

In her hand she held a charm necklace, and it looked just like mine. I thought Lisa threw it away, but apparently not. No one could stand not looting her bedroom, but we found some important stuff. I noticed a paper on the nightstand.

The strip we found read:

Figured you would need a few things before going down. If you don’t get the list it will be extremely difficult to navigate beneath. Here is everything:




Backpacks (as many as possible)

We grabbed the list and slowly descended. As we declined it got dingy and gloomy. Sarah wanted the flashlights on, but with limited batteries, we declined her. It was so quiet, and everyone wanted to break it, but we refrained ourselves.

Everyone was shaken up, including me, but we keep our composer. When we reached the bottom I crept through the room first, it was very dusty and like a maze. Shelves filled the room, and they all had books and glass jars, occasionally I’d spot a vent on the floor and sneaked around it. It was creepy and silent, but then something fell. I turned quickly to see what had happened, and there it was. Someone had knocked a vase off the rack. I wedged myself between the wall and a counter and waited, but there was nothing. After what felt like forever I peeked over the corner, and saw something inhuman.

Three men in white overcoats stood at the scene. At first, they looked human, but indeed they weren’t. They were animals, but were they? Parts of their bodies had been fused together from the look of them. I only got a quick glimpse because I didn’t wanna get caught. They left swiftly, but I hid for a bit longer. Before I could get out someone hit my shoulder.

“Manex,” I whispered angrily, “don’t do that.”

“We're worried,” she exclaimed, “ go to the room quickly. This way.”

I followed her to the red door. She seemed agitated, but she’d every right to be if she saw what I did. I wanted to enter the door, but something kept me from opening it. I turned to Manex only for her to nod.

“It’s Mireya,” I spoke, “Let us in.”

“Hurry,” a voice whimpered.

When I entered the room guns were on the walls, and pointed at me. They slowly lowered the guns after seeing me. Everyone stared waiting for me to speak, but I was too busy trying to find the box Lisa mentioned in the letter. I was in thought, so I didn’t hear them say my name.

“Mireya,” Sarah said, “what's going on here?”

“I don’t know Sarah,” I responded, “I need to find the box.”

“This one,” Jonathan asked holding a music box.

“Yes,” I moved swiftly across the room and grabbed it.

I searched the box for a keyhole, and found it at the bottom. Lisa was right the necklace fit, but there was no note. Then I remembered I wasn’t the only one with a key.

“Who got here first,” I asked.

“Manex was-,” Fern said.

“Manex give it here,” I ordered cutting Fern off.

“Shhhhh,” the group whispered.

“What are you talking about,” she questioned.

“There was something in the box and it isn’t there now,” I said, “ you’re the only one with a locket besides me.”

“Manex,” the group gasped.

“How do you know there was a note in there,” she questioned.

She had every right to ask that question because I never told them about what the note said completely. I had to think fast because everyone was staring at me wondering what was going on. There was only one thing I could think of. I made sure to keep my voice down this time.

“You just admitted you took something from here. I never said it was a note.”

The tension in the room was gone at that moment, yet something wasn’t right. I just took the note and swiftly read it to the group:

Congratulations you made it to the first room. They’re aware you’re here because of the glass Sarah broke. You need to get out quickly if you don’t wanna be around anymore. Once you pass this room there’s no turning back. The door will open soon. The noise will alarm them, but they won’t find you. Hurry now and escape the room before the door closes. If you’re to make it through here put the guns and other things you’ve taken and put them back. Run now there isn’t much time.

I heard something hitting on the red door. When we dropped everything the guns moved on the wall and an entrance opened. Everyone got through, but I couldn’t get through. The door was starting to close and we were all in a panic. I had nothing on me except my charm, but that wasn’t from the room.

“Maybe it’s the charm,” Manex suggested.

“It’s not from this room though,” I argued.

“Well take it off and see.”


“Come on Mireya it doesn’t hurt to take it off.”

“Go on without me then cause this is staying with me.”

“Do you wanna die or something?”

“I can hold them off and give you enough time to go further. Find Lisa for me.”

“Mireya! Mireya!”

I could hear them scream my name as the doors closed. I didn’t know what would happen to me, but I glanced around the room quickly. The loud banging was about to break through when I found it. There was a vent in the wall. I know the first note said to avoid all vents, but it was my only escape route.

Author Notes: This is the 2nd part of Secrets and I hope you all enjoy. Any questions or problems please let me know.
Thank you

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15 Apr, 2019
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