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Secrets (Chapter 2)
Secrets (Chapter 2)

Secrets (Chapter 2)


The door was breaking down while I unhinged the vent. There was slimy, green goo oozing out. When I finally stripped the duct they busted the door down. Dust from the floor filled the air creating a distraction. I crawled into the gooey opening and placed the gate behind me. I could barely make out their conversation.

“Someone opened the door,” the scaly one said.

“It wasn’t anyone at headquarters,” the furry one said.

“I bet it was that girl again,” one with wings announced.

“She’s been locked up there’s no way,” they all yelled.

“Shhhhh,” The furry one snapped, “ the vents have ears remember.”

I thought they found out I was in the vents. My heart felt like exploding. I turned to get away when I froze in fright. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak. Not even a twitch. It was like my soul had left my body and I was about to die.

There were thousands of bugs, frogs, lizards, and in the midst of it all, there was a giant crocodile. I wanted to scream. I was frightened for my life. The bugs flew out and grazed past me, but they never attacked me. I heard screaming from the room. I couldn’t look behind me though. I never took my eyes off the Crocodile. Maybe I was in shock or maybe the croc’s deadly glare made me second guess, but something was happening and I couldn’t figure out what.

“You should go,” the crocodile said with a stern deep voice.

“Who are you,” I whispered.


“Did he just fall asleep?”

The vent’s where huge at some points of it, so I was able to maneuver around him. I crept through the vents for what felt like an eternity. I was starving and dehydrated. I was so hot, weak, numb, and so exhausted.

I remember sitting down to rest in a clean spot. The air seemed to be a bit cooler there. I was drifting off to sleep and saw a blurred figure. It was… a person!!! I thought I was all along, but there was someone there. My friends were gone, so it couldn’t be them. I was too tired to show my excitement. The blurry figure walked up to me and seemed to whisper.

“Are you alright,” they said in an assuring tone.

“Help,” I felt myself mutter.

I was out. I thought to myself:

This was all a dream and when I woke up everything would be back to normal. Right? My friends would be around, my parents would be here, and Lisa never disappeared. I wanted it all to be a dream. It was crazy. Human hybrids didn’t exist in reality. They were fairy tales. I was doomed and missing my friends. The darkness arose and I was gone. Gone forever.

Author Notes: Sorry for this being so small, but I came to an overflow. I have a million ideas, so I'm going to sort them out into Chapter 3. Any and all reviews are helpful. Thank you guys for everything. <3 <3

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21 Apr, 2019
Read Time
2 mins
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