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It was a very stormy night in Penwith. The wind howled like a ferocious beast and heavy rain pounded the deserted streets of St. Just.

In a house in St. Just, there lay sleeping a young man called Aaron, undisturbed by the howling wind and the torrential rain pounding his bedroom window.

While Aaron was sleeping, he had a very bizarre dream. In his dream, he was walking up onto the moors on the other side of Tregeseal valley, under the dazzling light of a large full Moon, set in a starry sky.

At one point a luminous white object, which resembled a shooting star, flashed overhead.

Eventually, Aaron reached Tregeseal stone circle and stood in the centre, gazing up at the constellations of Orion, the Great Bear and the Pleiades.

It was then that it happened.

All of the stones began to glow yellow with a touch of green, of their own accord, like beacons.

Then a whole load of dark red, unknown runic symbols appeared on the stones.

After that, the dream ended.

When Aaron woke up next day, he thought about the dream. He spoke to his parents, who could neither make head nor tail of it.

So he decided to go out, seeing as the storm had subsided. He went down to Cape Cornwall and sat on top of the headland for a while, to brood over the dream.

The more he thought about it, the more complex it became. It was one big riddle with an unknown meaning.

Throughout the rest of the day, Aaron continued to brood over the dream. It just kept coming back to him every time he tried to think of something else, but he kept quiet about it.

When the day was out, Aaron went to bed.

Unlike the night before, there was no ferocious storm, no howling wind and no thundering rain. Instead, there was a large full Moon with thousands of stars in the background.

What was more, Aaron couldn’t get to sleep, which was totally unlike him. It was because the dream was still on his mind.

He got out of bed, crept over to the window, opened the curtains and stared over at the moors.

At that very moment, a luminous white object, resembling a shooting star, flashed across the sky at incredible speed. It looked exactly like the one from the dream.

Aaron was stupefied.

He got changed, sneaked out of the house and strolled down into Tregeseal valley. He then began to make his way up a road, leading towards the moors.

After a while, he turned off and headed up a bumpy lane, which led onto the moors.

When Aaron was finally on the moors, he gazed over at Carn Kenidjack, which he had stood upon many times, but he wasn’t going there that night. He was heading for the stone circle instead. Never once had he set foot inside it.

For some unknown reason, Aaron was being drawn automatically towards the circle, by some kind of unknown force. Furthermore, he sensed that it had something to do with his dream.

When Aaron reached the circle, he stood in the centre and waited for something to happen.

Indeed something did happen. He began to feel a strange humming vibration all around him, which caused his ears to start ringing. That was weird enough, but it was nothing compared to what happened next.

Just like in Aaron’s dream, the stones glowed yellowish green and the unknown runes appeared on them.

It was most overwhelming to Aaron, but there was still more to come, for suddenly, a flying saucer came into view and landed in the stone circle.

Aaron, who was astounded, stepped back as a seven-foot-tall being with an elongated head, resembling an ancient Egyptian, came out of the saucer.

The being, who happened to be female, spoke of things, which blew Aaron’s mind right away.

First of all, she said her name was Medea and that she was a descendant of a civilization, which inhabited the continent of Atlantis. She spoke of terrible geological cataclysms, which sank Atlantis over ten thousand years ago.

Medea then went on to say that her people were very highly advanced and lived in a subterranean crystal city, situated in a vast luminescent cavern beneath the Amazon rainforest.

After that, she revealed some astonishing things about the stones. The runic symbols, she said, happened to belong to an Atlantean language, which no other civilization on Earth could decipher.

Medea then said that the stones had been placed there by Atlantean survivors, who came to Cornwall.

Furthermore, she said that stone circle building originated from Atlantis.

No more did Medea say after that.

She exchanged farewells with Aaron, got back in the flying saucer and flew away.

After that the runic symbols disappeared and the stones stopped glowing.

It was a wonderful experience for Aaron.

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24 May, 2022
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