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Seeing the Real Life

Seeing the Real Life

By KevinT

We can see now most of us, that no matter what we do for others most of the time we will not be helped. You see the frustration you get when you see that, and simply you stayed quiet and continue. Why?, is the only question we ask ourselves, and we will continue to ask the same question. We want to know why there is so much anger in people that we cannot control. Even our anger is uncontrolable. We can scream silence, which is screaming in our minds. This scream we have is sometimes the voice of our crush we had that broke our hearts and left just nothing but the voice. We try to take it out, but it just stays there. We try to ignore it, but it just stays there and continues to control our mind. Simply by telling you, readers, that you can wake up in the morning drink some coffee (milk), go to school, go back to you home, and rest. Then when you see that there's the same routine, you start hating it. You see that you don't want to end on a same dead end line routine, but hhmmm "but" the only word that always has a doubt. It be nice if there were no "buts, ifs, and whys", maybe life would be nice, but what to do hehe. As you may see this is more as a blog maybe, or just a discussing thingy. Please message me to my email, tell if you rather want to blog or tell stories. Oh and if you want for me to discuss things.. Thanks for taking you time in reading this : ).

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19 Apr, 2011
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