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Self Control
Self Control

Self Control


David Anderson was an ordinary man with an even ordinary life. For him days,weeks,months went by without any consideration to himself or his surroundings.

But David had a secret, something so exciting and new that he believed it was as much a curse as a blessing.

David was an addict. The first time he smoked a pack of cigarettes was when he was just a child. Although such things often repulse a child but David had been content. He continued to smoke hiding, retaliating, thinking he was the only one who knew.

But one awful day his mother caught him. He was beaten so bad that he felt the anger boil up in his core but could not spit the fire or else another beating was in tow.

When asked where he had found the pack of cigarettes David was brave enough to answer it was near the stable. He was made to feel ashamed and tried never to do it again.

David's parents were very strict, they had never smoked, fought or even argued . No , never in front of the boy. But Mandy their stable boy who had just been given the job was fired for his careless behaviour.

The Anderson family were very stern , unloving parents, never did David feel the comfort in them when they were around. David was homeschooled for proper behaviour and also because his father believed he was a great influence on the child himself.

When David was twenty five years old he could look back at his past and sometimes laugh or cry for the man he had become today. There was an emptiness in him that made him hate everyone and everything. As far as the drugs went. David never did them again.

But he did fill his tub with liquor ,he never tasted the liquor but drowned in it , he lit the cigarettes rolled the pin but never puffed. No, never could he as he was doing the greater good.

He could never talk to anyone about this, his parents had beaten him too many times , punished him that this would bring them disgrace , humiliation.

Little did David know that this was not for the greater good but for worse. He was a slave of his body, his mind coerced , believing in that which was not present.

As a sucessful business man , unlike his father , David had many men looking after his affairs. He spent most of his time in the aroma of self contentment .

But nature had taken its course , that evening when David was lying on bed with the ciggrates lit in the room, the liquor spread on the floor , when he felt he was complete. The ground beneath him started to tremble , the walls surrounding him were beginning to Crack.

David panicked and sat bolt right up, for the first time in his life he saw the smoke that had encaved him, as the ground beneath him stood still he looked up at the the ceiling where it had been broken and through the hole he could feel how clear the night was, he realized what could have happened today.

For even when he would have never done the drugs, if he were dead right now and found admist it, he would be taken as an addict. He cried for how hopeless and foolish he had been, he cried for the ruthlessness of his parents, for the kind words that were never spoken, for the problems to have never been confronted.

As people started arriving at the place to help those still stuck or injured after the earth quake, David had faith, for he now knew he was past the man he was, he was ready to speak his mind and soul, not afraid of the failure he had become physically and emotionally.

He was now a man of his own!!

Author Notes: Self control is not about controlling but giving yourself the chance to overcome and experience your true meaning at life.

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About This Story
19 Sep, 2018
Read Time
3 mins
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