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Shadow Alley
Shadow Alley

Shadow Alley


Shadow Alley

Caite Brophy

A new day a new life to live is something that I was always told, and it was so true for Tuesdays. God, I love Tuesdays I thought to myself looking out the window of second period. I had so much to look forward to; improve was today and play practice at seven it was going to be a busy day.

Class dragged on and on, but it was finally time for improv the place for anything to happen and your dreams are made. As I walked into the room. Usually, it is full of fun and excitement and this day was no different than the rest, so I thought. Thoe walked in eating his apple and watch all the desks get moved around into the stage like set up. Then the intercom comes on with a cracking sound with someone breathing hard into the mic on the other end. The crisp crackling and static in the background made every tone to the moment and it felt like everything just stopped. The adviser of our group was Mr. Coles a science teacher that had a love for theatre but had a problem with his voice when he was younger so he could not pursue it, so he went with his second love. science. He knew that sometimes people press the button and do not notice it, so he told us all it was nothing and just ignore it and so we did.

Theo had to run to a drama meeting since he was the lead in the play, so we thought nothing of it when he left. We said our goodbyes and the second he left the room we hear a scream coming from down the hall. Everyone being the nosy people we are we rush to the door to see what happened. Looking down the hall we see Theo’s body lying on the floor with a dagger in his chest set out like a Romeo and Juliet scene. All in shock we rush not knowing what to do. We always joked that is something happened to our president then Harrison would be in charge, but we never expected something to happen. Harrison usually would love being in charge, pulling the attention to him so he could find a way to brag about getting into some great collage in Canada but for once he was quiet with not a word to be said. Mr. Coles tried to calm everyone down but then the same weird crackle came on the intercom again but this time there was an aery voice saying how the phantom of the opera might be fake but Theo will be the phantom of Cannon high school and haunt the school forever. Now with everyone under a little distress, Harrison knew what he had to do. He stepped up as the new in command and tried to get everyone to play some game. After a few minutes, he went to use the bathroom. Not thinking of it our treasurer Salma stepped up. Being a sophomore, she didn't exactly know what she was doing and was a little scared, but she did it anyway and started another improv game. Before she could speak, we hear another scream but this time coming from the bathroom. Mr. Coles runs to the bathroom and I run after him needing to know what happened. One of my worst fears has come to be I now see Harrison drowned in a sink. He died staring at his own reflections. I run back to the room wanting to erase out of my head what I sow and tell everyone that nothing has gone wrong. That he fell and broke his ankle, but I know that nobody really believes me and for sure Salma doesn’t. Salma runs out of the room saying she needs to get away. She gets to the stairs trips and falls. As she is falling, I see a figure put down some string and run. The figure has a familiar feeling to it, but I cannot figure out why. I run to tell the next in charge that he needs to be prepared and warn him because I am beginning to see a trend. It seems that everyone that has died has been an officer and next I think Ruben is next. I run to him, but he has caught on to the trend too. He is already up and trying to keep the group together. The only problem he had to leave in ten minutes because he had some other college interview for Saint Lorence University even though he knew he never had a shot he was going for his reach school. I understand how important this interview is to him, so I tell him what I have found and to watch out. He thanks me and takes a different way out. I eagerly unto the window hoping to God I see him get out. The one little bit of happiness I have left in my body when I see Ruben running to his car. As he gets into his car my mind is exploring with joy and happiness. Then I realize something. His car is starting to blow up. I try to look away, but I still hear it off in the distance. At that second, I knew it was down to me. I was the last of the improv officers alive. As I have seen in the past acting like nothing is going on does not work, I run to the phone on Mr. Coles's desk to hear nothing but silence. I really should have known better though. Every horror movie ever made always had the phone cut. So, I run to the classroom across the way to try to cheek the phone in there and to my surprise it still works. I try to dial quickly for help but under all this stress I could not think of the number you put before 911. I can feel a presence lurking over me should and I am terrified to turn around. As I do slowly, I can feel the goosebumps rising on my arms and the hairs on the back of my neck start to stand. I turn around hoping to god to see a teacher or someone helpful. Turning my head ever so slightly I know it's my turn. When I finally have my head turned fully around, I am relieved to see Alley. She is a girl from improv, so I am about to warn her, but she starts shhhhing me in a weird way. Then the next thing I know is the room is black and everything goes dark. Now I wake up here in a hospital. I might not know exactly where I am or what day it is but I do know nothing will ever be the same.

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About This Story
16 Sep, 2019
Read Time
5 mins
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