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Shadow Curse

Shadow Curse

By booklover101

u] Chapter one
The curse

My name is Aaron Wade, I am 169 years old, but I still look like I did when I was 16, black hair, green eyes, nice farm boy build, 6’2, not a very good ladies’ man, though the lord new I tried my best. It’s all about this curse was given to me in 1861, during the Civil War.
I had just killed a boy no older than me, but I had no choice it was either him or me, and we both knew it too. And he was a dammed good shot too, he got me right in the shoulder, and believe me it hurt like hell, but it was no comparison to the doctor   cutting into my shoulder to get the bullet out with nothing to numb the pain.  When I finally healed up, I was up doing my evening rounds. I was just about finished my shift, when I heard something or someone in the bushes to my left, I tried to scare it out of hiding , but what came out was no animal. She was the most prettiest thing I have seen months, she looked terrified of me, so I tried to ask her what her name was, but she just stood there wide eyed , I almost gave up about ten minutes I was starting to walk away my back was to her, when she finally spoke, “are you Aaron Wade?”  I froze mid step thinking that I had possibly misheard her, so I said “excuse me?” she repeated herself a little more confidently then I would’ve liked, “as I asked solder, are you Aaron Wade?” I had a sick growing feeling in my gut, I kept thinking: should I tell her yes or no?
But her beauty got the best of me, so when I said “yes ma’am, I am” she looked almost surprised , but then her expression changed just as fast as it come, she smiled and let me tell you something I swear her smile was almost predatory  under all that beauty. She came close enough that I could smell her perfume it smelled sweet and spicy like Jasmine in summertime, I could also feel her warm breath on my cold ears, and I shivered both with cold and something else, she almost seemed amused with my reaction, she also, looked hungry but not for food, my eyes widened with shock she on the other hand simply laughed. I still didn’t know this girls name, so I decided I needed to ask once more “what’s your name miss?” she didn’t reply right away, we stood like that, just staring at each other’s eyes up until she broke the silence “ my name is Strait, Lorienna Strait, Mr. Wade” “ what are you doing way out here miss Strait?”  I asked a little quietly, for a split second I thought I hadn’t spoken at all, until she replied “I was out riding, and my horse threw me, stupid really, I should have listened to father when he kept telling me not to go riding out in the middle of a war zone.” I felt bad for her but that sick feeling kept growing in my gut I told myself to ignore it so I said “do you live far from here Ms. Strait?” “yes, at least two hours east of here.” She said slowly, like she was trying to search for the right thing to say. So I started to say something but thought better of it, and said instead “will you be okay coming back to camp with me for the night and until we find your horse?” my tone of voice surprised my own ears, I sounded as if I needed her to come back with me to camp, to me I sounded like I was pleading. She stood still for a moment, and then she said “yes, of course I will go with you, I am a little hungry, and I’m very much exhausted from looking for my horse all day, thank you Mr. Wade” she smiled then I started to smile while saying “please call me Aaron, Ms. Strait” her smile grew and so did mine “ than you Aaron Wade must call me Lorienna.” I still felt that sick feeling in my gut, but I could not make sense of it. It took about ten minutes by horse to get back to camp. When we finally got back all hell broke loose, well it did from my end of it. I had to bring her to the commander, so he can figure out what we’re going to’ do with her. Everybody started to crowd her because there just like me, none of them has seen a woman in months. “Give the girl some space guys” I kept saying, but nobody was even close to hearing me, for all the talking at once thing people do when something exciting happens.   Then without thought, I found myself raising my pistol into the air right above my head, I felt my finger pulling the trigger on auto pilot. Everybody stood stock still, looking like I had just shot one of my own boys. So I cleared my throat, and spoke up, “I said step back from the lady” at first everyone just stood there, until I raised my voice “I said stay back from the girl!” that’s when they moved to the side creating a ail, I couldn’t figure out why they stepped aside like that, until I heard somebody clear his throat. I spun around pistol still in hand, I pocketed it right away, and saluted the commander, and he did the same and said “solder, what’s going on?”  It was silent for a couple seconds, until I got over it all “I found this girl while patrolling sir” I said, “did you catch her name solder?” the commander said. “Yes sir I did” I said, “well what is it boy?” “Lorienna Strait, sir” he looked at me closely like he was looking at a wild mustang that was being stubborn. Then he said “what do you think we should do with her, solder?”  I was lost at speech for a small moment, why was he asking me? I thought so I tried to answer as best I could by suggesting “she could stay here. I will be willing to give up my tent and my food ration as well, sir” he stood there pondering this thought, my head was spinning around, and around, he spoke suddenly “she will stay, but there is also the problem of these solders of kidnapping her in the middle of the night for some late night fun. Since we all know they have not seen a woman in flesh for seven months, so somebody needs to keep watch tonight guarding the tent so nobody goes in.” I thought this over a minute “I will do it sir” I said, he looked like he thought I was going to say that, it freaked me out a little bit, he kept staring and I felt like a bug under a microscope. Then he finally looked away and said “show this fine little lady to supper” he said to me and to her he said “I hope you like stew, miss, cause that’s all we got, that and hardtacks, which are pretty hard” Lorienna stood quit for a spell, the looked straight into the commanders eyes and said “yes sir I do, thank you for helping me at such troubling times, I don’t want to be a bother for your fine boys, sir.” The commander said quickly with a smile on his face “oh no, no big deal, Sargent Aaron Wade will make sure you get your supper, and find your tent, he will also let you barrow his extra paints to sleep in, as well” I started to protest but he shot me a blood freezing look, I thought better to just keep my mouth closed, he then said “you wanted to say something Sargent Wade?”  He looked at expectantly as if his expression said ‘don’t even think about it’ so all I said was “yes sir, right away sir” I looked from Lorienna to the commander with a wondering stare; I cleared my throat and said “may we go now sir?”  He looked at me, till this day I swear his gaze said ‘don’t do anything you will regret in the morning’ it took a couple of seconds of silence until he answered me “you may go now Sargent”  “thank you sir” I said and then turned to Lorienna and said “right this way ma’am” she looked at me nervously so I said to reinsure her “there’s no need to be nervous I an’t   going to do nothin’” she then smiled slightly  and said “of course”  I than started to walk towards my tent to show her where it was and to show her my extra pair of pants, I looked back to see if she was coming, she was still shy, so I said playfully “I an’t that bad, and my tent don’t smell funny ether”  she looked doubtful so I again I tried once more “come on I don’t bite but I would be wary of bud though if I was you I would keep an eye on him” I winked at her playfully [/u]

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5 May, 2014
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7 mins
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