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You Shall Smash

Article by Dave Tompson

“I was told this was a website where I could report any strange experiences that I have had. Well, here I go.

It all started when I bought a Nintendo Switch. All the cool kids had one. I got it from some old guy who lived near a dump. It probably wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done, but I couldn’t just let a deal like that pass! Anyway, I took it home and plugged it into the TV. The only game I got with it was Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Everybody said it was the best game out there, so I opened it up and looked through the characters.

I didn’t recognize most of the characters so I just clicked on Dr. Mario. I then chose Byleth, who looked pretty cool, to be my opponent. That, my friends, was the worst mistake of my life.

As soon as the match started, I knew something was wrong. The Nintendo Switch started to glow and hum loudly. I backed up, but it was too late. The screen of the switch expanded and I got sucked inside. Suddenly I was standing on a flat stone arena, I felt shorter and plumper than my usual self. I was wearing a doctor’s white coat and had a stethoscope around my neck. I was Dr. Mario and standing in front of me was a scary look Byleth.

“THREE! TWO! ONE! START!” A voice said all around us.

Byleth pulled back his bow(which materialized out of nowhere) and it started to glow with golden light. I jumped instinctively and a golden arrow shot underneath me. He ran forward and stabbed me with his spear. I flew into the wall and ricocheted back toward Byleth. I had no idea how to use my attacks, I was doomed. I tried to jump over Byleth but he grabbed me with his sword and slammed me into the ground. Stunned, I just laid there. Byleth ran toward me and raised his ax. Its edge glowed red as he let the ax fall. I shot out of the arena.

Everything went black as I heard a voice say, “PLAYER 1, DEAFETED!!!”

I woke up sitting on my couch, the switch still plugged into the TV. I hid the Nintendo Switch under my bed. This sounds fake, but it's true.”


Thisaintreal27: This is fake! You expect us to believe you?

Dave Tompson: If you don’t believe me, come over to my house, I’ll show you.

Author Notes: This is for all the Super Smash Bros. Fans!

* is not a real website, it's just for the story.*

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21 Feb, 2020
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2 mins
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