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Shattered Soul (Chapter Two)
Shattered Soul (Chapter Two)

Shattered Soul (Chapter Two)

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The police chief was quite large. He took Julie's place on the other side of the desk. He then cracked his knuckles one by one, and I cringed each time. Pop! Pop! He had glittering black, beady eyes that reminded me of a shark. "What.. is.. your name?" he asked, his words agonizingly slow.

"My.. name.. is none... of your business." I mocked his slowness. He glared at me cruelly. "It is my business!" he snapped, his words not prolonged anymore. I rolled my eyes. "It's Ember. Ember Sky." I jutted my chin up, adding effect to my sassiness. "And why did you attack that boy?" he asked.

"He attacked me first. It's called self defense." I snarled quickly. He looked down at me questionably. "That blood isn't from you tripping or something?" he blinked in confusion. "NO!" I hissed. "Hm, and I know I told Julie Haven to ask where your parents are. And since you didn't tell the truth, you can tell me now, or I will track them down and call them." he shoved his thin glasses farther along his nose and squinted his tiny eyes at me.

"I'll tell you one more time. They. Are. Missionaries. They didn't bring their phones to- uh, wherever they went- I forgot. So you can NOT contact them." I sneered smugly. He glanced at his computer annd then stared at me for what seemed to be a long time.

I scuffed the squeaky floor with the bottom of my shoe, making a loud SCREE noise. "Okay, Ember. This is what I gathered. Born- November 16, 2002. Approximately 5 pounds. Parents, Lucy Sky and Aaron Sky. Sound correct? You live on 4023 Foxlake Dr. It shows your father is a drug dealer. Or so it says on his record five years ago. And your mother, well, it states she is a stay at home mom." he said the last few words slowly.

I gulped. Completely accurate. "Do you want to explain what you are doing seven blocks away from your home in an area that is highly unsafe?" he inquired. "No." I uttered softly and looked down in defeat. "You are free of anything on your record, Ember. Sadly, we'll have to ask your parents to come and pick you up. Can't get you getting into any more trouble." he snorted.

My breath caught in my throat as I pondered how disappointed my father would be in me. To be honest, I didn't care what my mother thinks about my situation. As he walked out and locked the door, my heart pounded in my chest in fear and I paced the room, pinching the bridge of my nose as I felt a headache coming on.

My long hair was tangled pretty darn bad and I rummaged in my bag for a brush. It was the least of my problems, but I figured I had to do something to keep my mind off of my problem. I really didn't want my mother to bring me back home. There just wasn't enough room in my heart to long to go back to her.

My heart shattered into what seemed to be 72 billion pieces as I realized I had to go back to my broken family. I knew my mother didn't have a phone, but nonetheless, they would just bring me back to her house in that sickening black and white car. My lip curled in a snarl as I thought about the heartless poice officers who didn't know, or didn't care that I hated my mother and couldn't stand to look at her sad face.

Author Notes: Unfinished chapter

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1 Nov, 2016
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